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Press about us

We welcome many positive reviews in the print and online media. Below is an excerpt from recent publications.

Rabmer Group celebrates its 60th anniversary
tv1.nachrichten.at, 08/2023

60 years Rabmer Group in Altenberg
muehlviertel.tv, 08/2023

Heat and cold from the canal: Rabmer turns 60
nachrichten.at, 08/2023

Rabmer Group celebrates 60 years
solidbau.at, 08/2023

Altenberg: Rabmer Group celebrated 60 years
tips.at, 08/2023

The Rabmer Group celebrated its 60th anniversary
leadersnet.at, 08/2023

Company anniversary: ​​Rabmer Group celebrates 60 years of innovative strength
leitbetriebe.at, 08/2023

Record participation at Rabmer Children’s Building Day
meinbezirk.at, 08/2023

Children’s construction day at the Rabmer company in Altenberg
muehlviertel.tv, 08/2023

72 children tried out the construction industry
solidbau.at, 08/2023

Record participation at the Rabmer children’s building allowance
leitbetriebe.at, 08/2023

Children experience insights into the world of construction and environmental technology
tips.at, 08/2023

For her, the glass is always half full
newbusiness.at, 03/2023

Good for the hotel, guests and the environment
derinstallateur.at, 03/2023

In the Werzers, energy is saved with a mini turbine
wirtschafts-nachrichten.com, 02/2023

Mini turbine from Altenberg saves water and energy in hotels on Lake Wörthersee
tips.at, 02/2023

Enthusiasm for manual trades
tips.at, 07/2022

Energy from wastewater still has a lot of potential
Kronen Zeitung, 06/2022

Live healthier
moments, 06/2022

I carry decisions through
Salzburger Nachrichten, 05/2022

Mini-turbine saves
first class, 05/2022

Heat and cold from the sewage system
tga.at, 03/2022

Heating and cooling with waste water
oiz.at, 03/2022

27 million liters of water and 360 tons of CO2 are saved
tips.at, 01/2022

Help from Altenberg for green plans in the desert
krone.at, 01/2022

Know-how for Dubai from Altenberg
tips.at, 11/2021

ECOTURBINO: Rabmer Group’s innovation saves water and energy in Dubai
ooe.wirtschaftszeit.at, 11/2021

Rabmer helps Dubai save water and energy
tga.at, 11/2021

Certainly not a grab in the toilet
newbusiness.at, 10/2021

HERMES Climate Protection Price
derinstallateur.at, 10/2021

ZEITGEIST: Environmentally friendly measures at Vienna Central Station
rasendereporterin.at, 10/2021

Energy from wastewater has enormous potential
report.at, 09/2021

Heating with the neighbour’s bath water
futurezone.at, 09/2021

Rabmer Group wins in renewable energy category
meinbezirk.at, 09/2021

Rabmer Group: Sewage march!
trend.at, 09/2021

Wastewater can be used for heating and cooling buildings
derstandard.at, 09/2021

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword
moments, 07/2021

Process energy as a climate saver
report.at, 08/2021

Ressource Wastewater
derinstallateur.at, 08/2021

Building walls, hammering, digging: children explored the world of construction
tips.at, 07/2021

Energy from wastewater is used for heating and cooling
Tips, 07/2021

Process energy as a climate saver
report.at, 07/2021

Save water in the hotel
Building Times, 07/2021

Focus on sustainability
ikz-haustechnik.at, 07/2021

Hotel industry – after a successful restart, the focus is on sustainability
prost-magazin.at, 06/2021

Saving water sustainably
Volksblatt, 06/2021

How can I reduce water consumption when showering?
SWR Fernsehen, 06/2021

Showers: clean savings!
RBB Fernsehen, 06/2021

Energy from wastewater Heating in winter, cooling in summer
ÖGZ, 05/2021

Rabmer Group certified as a leading Austrian company for the first time
mühlviertel.tv, 05/2021

Lime in the water – good and bad
Building Times. 05/2021

Leading companies Austria founds a unit for sustainability
extrajournal.net, 05/2021

Leading companies Austria guidelines new sustainability unit
leadersnet.at, 05/2021

Draft energy
Building Times, 03/2020

Rabmer Group supports the Ronald McDonald children’s homes
OÖ Nachrichten, 02/2020

Rabmer Group supports the Ronald McDonald children’s homes
tips.at, 02/2020

Innovative technology lowers operating costs
derinstallateur.at, 02/2020

Problems with lime or rust in the water? – The benefits of Aquabion
Weekend Magacine OÖ, S.26 10/2019

Vital – valuable water
Tips/Urfahr/Umgebung, S.25 10/2019

Water and energy – sustainable solutions with potential for savings
Die Lobby, S.36 07/2019

Aquabion – lime and corrosion protection for good tasting drinking water
Raiffeisen Wohnwelt, S.53 02/2019

Ecoturbino – Water saving made easy
theredbulletin.com, 01/2019

Rabmer PA hotel business goes green
Mühlviertel.tv, 01/2019

Environmentally friendly water treatment with the AQUABION®
wwt-online, 10/2018

Water is there to save
Online edition, buildingtimes.at, 22.08.2018

Rabmer convinces hoteliers with water and energy efficiency technologies
Print edition, IKZ Haustechnik Österreich, Heft 6-7/2018

Save water and energy
Print edition, Kronen Zeitung, 14.07.2018

ECOTURBINO® – Water saving made easy
Print edition, Wellhotel, No.59, June-July-August 2018

Girls Day at Rabmer: Break down prejudice
Online edition, ‘Tips’, Friday 27.4.2018

Rabmer – Innovative Water & Energy Efficiency Products
Print edition, ‘IKZ Haustechnik’, 03/2018

r&r Holzbau expands location
Print edition, ‘Volksblatt’, Tuesday 20.03.2018

New building – important investment
Print edition, ‘Tips’, CW 12

r&r Holzbau expands company location
Print edition, ‘Volksblatt’, Tuesday 20.03.2018

Turbine helps to make savings
Print edition, ‘Kronen Zeitung’, Saturday 03.03.2018

Rabmer Group honored longtime employee
Print edition, ‘Bezirksrundschau Urfahr-Umgebung’, 23.01.2018

Rabmer GreenTech won the “Energy Globe Upper Austria” in the water category
Print edition, ‘Aqua Press International’, 2/2017

Energy Globe – water saving system Ecoturbino awarded
Print edition, ‘Der österreichische Installateur’, 5/2017

Rabmer GreenTech awarded
Print edition, ‘Bezirksrundschau Urfahr-Umgebung’, 19.05.2017

Rabmer GreenTech – protection against limescale and corrosion
Print edition, ‘Der österreichische Installateur’, 05/2017

Rabmer GreenTech wins the Energy Globe Upper Austria Award
Online edition, ‘wohnnet’, 17.05.2017

Rabmer GreenTech won the “Energy Globe Upper Austria” in the water category
Online edition, ‘Salzkammergut-Rundblick’, 10.05.2017

Rabmer – Save water with innovation from Austria
Print edition, ‘IKZ-Fachplaner’, 18.04.2017

Rabmer GreenTech awarded
Print edition, ‘Volksblatt’, 18.03.2017

Rabmer GreenTech awarded the Austrian Ecolabel
Press Release Rabmer Group, 17.03.2017

Rabmer Gruppe wins the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Award 2016 with AQUABION®
Press Release Rabmer Group, 16.11.2016

Rabmer Group scores with innovative enviromental technologies
Print edition, ‘Upper Austrian News – Industrial Country Upper Austria’, 07.06.2016

Sustainability Report
Online edition, ‘www.Report.at’, 20.10.2015

Rabmer Gruppe expanded
Online edition, ‘Tips’, 05.10.2015

Rabmer Group expands offer
Online edition, ‘Volksblatt’, 29.09.2015

Rabmer relies on young craftsmen
Online edition, ‘wohnnet’, 29.09.2015

Innovative odor protection for manholes and inlets
Online edition, ‘WasserStoff’, 08/15

The Entrepreneur Gene in the Blood
Print edition, ‘Wirtschaftsblatt’, 1. July 2015

Rabmer develops app for the selection of pipe rehabilitation methods
Print edition, ‘RO-KA-TECH Journal’, 02/15

Rabmer develops app for the selection of pipe rehabilitation methods
Press Release Rabmer Group, 06/2015

App for rehabilitation technologies selection
Print edition, ‘Trenchless Works’, 06/15

‘NoDig Expert App’ started
Online edition, ‘WasserStoff’, 06/15

Rabmer offers ‘App’ for the optimal selection of pipe rehabilitation methods
Online edition, ‘Aqua press INTERNATIONAL’, 2/2015

Innovation From Water
Online edition, ‘Bezirksrundschau Urfahr-Umgebung’, No. 26, June 2015

AQUABION® protects equipment against limescale and corrosion
Online edition, ‘Bezirksrundschau Urfahr-Umgebung’, No. 26, June 2015

Occupy niches, expand offer
Print edition, ‘SOLID Upper Austria’, 06-2015

New app provides easy decision support
Print edition, ‘bi – UmweltBau’, 3/15

App for the selection of pipe rehabilitation methods
Print edition, ‘3R trade journal for safe and efficient piping systems’, 06-2015

App helps in choosing the right procedure
Online edition, ‘Allgemeine Bauzeitung’, 29.05.2015

New app for pipe rehabilitation
Online edition, ‘report.at’, 2015-05

New App informs
Online edition, ‘Medianet’, 2015-05

Girls in technical professions 
Online edition, ‘Tips’, 29.04.2015

Wastewater as an energy source
Print edition, ‘Baublatt’, 04/2015

ÖGL – showcase of trenchless technologies
Online edition, ‘Baublatt’, 12/2014

Body and soul
Online edition, ‘Chef Info’, 9/2014

Rabmer – Innovative limescale and corrosion protection system
Print edition, ‘IKZ Fachplaner’, Issue 3 – 2014

From ‘Girls Day’ to technology
Online edition, ‘Bezirksrundschau Urfahr-Umgebung’, November 2014

Against lime in pipes
Print edition, ‘Industrial Technology’, September 2014

Rabmer establish innovative limescale protection system in Austria
Online edition, ‘Sciam-Online’, July 2014

Prevent limescale and corrosion
Online edition, ‘Solid’, September 2014

Drinking water contains lime – good for the people, bad for the fittings
Print edition, ‘Tips’, CW 29, 2014

Environmentally friendly protection against limescale and corrosion
Print edition, ‘Bezirksrundschau Urfahr-Umgebung’, CW 29, 2014

Anti-scale system
Print edition, ‘Oberösterreichische Wirtschaft’, CW 29, 2014

Rabmer establish innovative lime and corrosion protection system in Austria
Print edition, ‘Kurier’, 03.07.2014

Limescale protection without chemicals
Print edition, ‘Kronenzeitung’, 27.06.2014

Energy saving fair 2014 – Successful ABAU appearance
Print edition, ‘ABAU News’, No. 12/2014

Innovative irrigation system – underfloor irrigation
Print edition, ‘Der Winzer’, 04/2014

Rabmer Group expands its environmental technology division
Online edition, ‘www.nodig-bau.de’, 26.02.2014

‘Water shortage does not have to be’
Print edition, ‘Neues Volksblatt’, 22. March 2014

GreenTech has a lot of growth potential
Online edition, ‘Industrial Technology’, 7. March 2014

Innovative systems for better water quality by Rabmer
Print edition, ‘Bezirksrundschau’, 7. March 2014

Expansion of environmental technology
Print edition, ‘Tips’, CW 10/2014

Rabmer Group further expands its environmental technology division
Online edition, ‘Bezirksrundschau’, February 2014

Company’s anniversary
Print edition, ‘Neues Volksblatt’, October/2013

50th year is very successful
Print edition, ‘Kurier’, 17.10/2013

50 years Rabmer
Print edition, ‘Upper Austria News’, 07.10/2013

Rabmer anniversary
Print edition, ‘Neues Volksblatt’, 07.10/2013

Rabmer group celebrated 50s
Print edition, ‘Die Öberösterreicherin’, 11/2013

Rabmer Group celebrates its 50th anniversary
Print edition, ‘BBB Magazin’, 10/2013

Rabmer has a good order book
Print edition, ‘Bezirksrundschau Urfahr-Umgebung’, 06/2013

Continue on growth course
Print edition, ‘Kurier’, 06/2013

Rabmer Construction Group on growth course
Online edition, ‘a3Bau’, 05/2013

Rabmer Construction is growing
Online edition, ‘Bau.Zeitung’, 05/2013

On growth course
Online edition, ‘Bau- & Immobilienreport’, 05/2013

Rabmer Bau Group increases sales by 20%
Online edition, ‘SOLID Wirtschaft und Technik am Bau’, 05/2013

Rabmer construction with sales increase
Print edition, ‘Neues Volksblatt’, 04/2013

Rabmer construction group with strong growth
Print edition, ‘OÖ Nachrichten’, 04/2013

Rabmer rehabilitates pressure pipe in Marbourg
Print edition, ‘BBB Magazin’, 2011

Crime scene Airport: Pipe rehabilitation with robots
Online edition, ‘ABB Magazin’, 2011

The trend towards trenchless is gaining momentum
Print edition, ‘Aqua Press’, 03/2011

Drainage works at ‘Lerchenfelder Gürtel’ – very fast rehabilitation! 
Online edition, ‘Baublatt Österreich’, 09/2011

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation project in Vienna 
Print edition, ‘BBB Magazin’, 09/2011

Mercilessly trenchless
Print edition, ‘Solid’, 09/2011

‘Hose lining’ makes pipe replacement easier
Online edition, ‘ORF’, 20.07.2011

Channel system is brought in shot at full steam 
Print edition, ‘Krone’, 7/2011

Rabmer gets two more million-orders in Romania
Print edition, ‘Aqua Press’, 1/2011

Pipe renovator Rabmer receives two more million-orders in Romania
Print edition, ‘3R’, 3/2011

Rabmer – More orders
Print edition, ‘a3 Bau’, 01/2011

Million-contracts for pipe renovator Rabmer
Print edition, ‘BBB Magazin’, 02/2011

Million-orders snatched
Print edition, ‘Wirtschaft Urfahr-Umgebung’, 01/2011

Large order – excavation free in Romania
Print edition, ‘Tips Urfahr Umgebung’, 01/2011

Pipe renovator Rabmer with million-orders in Romania
Online edition, ‘Debizz’, 01/2011

Million-orders snatched
Online edition, ‘mein bezirk.at’, 01/2011

Construction site demonstration in Frankfurt
Print edition, ‘GSTT’, 12/2010

Bad Homburg – pipe in pipe
Print edition, ‘Hochtaunus’, 10/2010

Municipal Fair 2010
Print edition, ‘Kommunal’, 9/2010

Renovation of the idling line of the power plant Andelsbuch
Print edition, ‘e.l.b.w.’, 4/2010

Rabmer r.tec Close Fit Technology – Site demonstration in Frankfurt
Print edition, ‘bi-UmweltBau’, 04/2010

Rabmer Construction keeps the channels in good shape
Online edition, ‘Wirtschaftsblatt’, 04.07.2010

Al Hassan, Rabmer join hands to offer no-dig technology
Print edition, ‘Business’, 06/2010

Rather rehabilitate instead of embarrass
Print edition, ‘Rundschau’, 04/2010

Take the shyness of technology
Print edition, ‘Rundschau’, 04/2010

Leaky pipes trenchlessly rehabilitate
Print edition, ‘a3 Bau’, 04/2010

Idle line of the Andelsbuch power plant rehabilitated
Print edition, ‘GSTT’, 02/10

March 22 is the day of the water
Online edition, ‘Nodig Bau’, 23.03.2010

A new drinking water line for Blankenburg
Print edition, ‘bi-UmweltBau’, 06.12.2009

Rabmer in Singapur
Print edition, ‘e.l.b.w.’, 12.2009

Close-Fit-Liner-Process-related influencing of the material propweriwa and the tube long-time behavior
Print edition, ‘3R international’, 11/2009

Rabmer – Entry into the Asian market
Print edition, ‘a3 Bau’, 11/2009

Rabmer opens up markets overseas
Print edition, ‘Kurier’, 25.11.2009

Pipe renovator Rabmer conquers the Asian market
Online edition, ‘NoDig’, 19.11.2009

Pipe renovator now also in the Asisatic area
Print edition, ‘Tips’, 45. Woche 2009

Rabmer rehabilitates in South America
Print edition, ‘OÖ. Rundschau’, 31.7.2009

Rabmer construction, expansion to Russia postponeded
Print edition, ‘Wirtschaftsblatt’, 2.2.2009

Line refurbishment with tube
Print edition, ‘Mittelschwäbische Nachrichten’, 11.8.2008

For pipe rehabilitation, South America relies on Upper Austrian Know-how
Print edition, ‘Neues Volksblatt’, 22.7.2008

Rabmer Construction will soon rehabilitate pipelines in Russia
Print edition, ‘Wirtschaftsblatt’, 4.7.2008

Close to victory
Print edition, ‘SOLID’, June 2008

Building without trenches – Vienna’s heart beats for the environment and neighbors
Print edition, ‘Kommunal’, 5/2008

The eco offensive
Print edition, ‘SOLID’, April 2008

Laying a hose inliner in Vienna’s Barawitzkagasse
Print edition, ‘Forum Gas Wasser Wärme’, 3/2008

‘Blade Blunzn’ – innovatively repaired
Print edition, ‘aqua press international’, 2/2008