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March 22 is World Water Day: Saving water with innovative technologies

Drought and increasing water scarcity were important topics last year. Just in time for the World Water Day on 22 March, we will once again take stock – we must do something together to counter the water shortage. Because each individual can make a contribution!

The world population is growing and with it the need for water. In the past water scarcity was limited to the dry belts of the earth and/or southern regions, meanwhile this problem occurs ever more also in regions regarded so far as water-rich. Last year in particular, climate change had its effects on us: The availability of water has reached its limits in many Austrian regions. On World Water Day on 22 March, therefore, careful handling of the valuable resource water is to be called for. Because everyone can do something to use water efficiently and not waste it unnecessarily.

In our latitudes, showering is an enormous “water guzzler”. Up to 80 litres of water are consumed per head every day, which is why there is an extremely large savings potential in this area. And this is exactly where the family business Rabmer from Altenberg comes in: With the ECOTURBINO® Rabmer offers a patented water-saving solution for the shower, which mixes water with air and thus saves up to a third of water without any loss of comfort for the user. In this way, everyone can easily and efficiently save up to 36% on water and energy and make a significant contribution to the sustainable use of this valuable resource. Since shower water is mainly hot water, ECOTURBINO® not only saves enormous amounts of water, but also energy and CO2 as a result of reduced hot water consumption. The innovative water-saving solution thus makes an important contribution to environmental protection. And there is also a positive effect on household costs, because a family of four can save around € 240 a year in costs with ECOTURBINO®. By the way: if only 20% of the nearly 3.9 million Austrian private households were equipped with ECOTURBINO®, an incredible 9.7 billion litres of drinking water, 124,700 tons of CO2 and 385.5 million kWh of energy could be saved every year.

The patented technology is an Austrian innovation, which brings about major water and energy savings both in Austria and worldwide and can thus make a significant contribution to protecting the valuable resource of water.

The ECOTURBINO® can easily be retrofitted to any shower fitting. Order directly from the Rabmer online shop (www.rabmer.at/shop) and save immediately with “#Everyone can do something”.

You can find further information on the water-saving innovation at: www.ecoturbino.com