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AQUABION® - Protects against lime & corrosion, increases the satisfaction of your hotel guests

The AQUABION® reliably helps with lime and corrosion problems in the drinking water supply network – making it a more than good alternative to conventional salt plants.

Hotel guests are only then satisfied with the sanitary facilities in the room, when the water is not only clean and clear, but also tastes good and when showering with enough pressure from the line. Water pipes, some of which have been in use for many decades and have internal corrosion, can affect water quality. As a result, brown, rusty water flows. In addition, calcium deposits narrow the inner diameter. The water pressure drops, especially in the upper floors.

Now most hotels resort to chemistry – however, the use of decalcification systems coupled with dosing stations for chemical anticorrosives means that the water loses its good taste and in extreme cases nucleation occurs in the pipelines.

With the AQUABION® system we can solve your limescale and corrosion problems in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way – without reducing the water quality or the taste. Even existing calcium deposits in the pipelines are being continuously reduced – the following rule of thumb applies: 15-20% more flow capacity already in the 1st year. This ensures that your hotel guests will continue to have clear and good-tasting water available in sufficient quantities.

Our customers are satisfiedThe K + K Hotel Group in Vienna, the Grand Hotel Donat Rogaska Slatina in Slovenia or the Nixe Palace Hotel in Majorca have been using AQUABION® for many years. We are happy that these and many more hotels are based on our Aquabion.

We get that under control! You have problems with lime and corrosion? The water pressure leaves much to be desired? Contact us today at greentech@rabmer.at – we are here for you! Our experts will gladly advise you.

More information about the AQUABION® can be found here!