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AQUABION® Success Story - limescale and corrosion protection in the largest dormitory in Linz

The Rabmer GreenTech can point to another successful reference for the patented AQUABION® lime and corrosion protection. About half a year ago, it was installed in the water supply system of the largest student hostel in Linz, the Julius Raab Heim with around 600 rooms.

Problems in this project were mainly corrosion problems that could not be solved despite the use of chemical dosing equipment and water pressure problems in the upper floors caused by calcium deposits in the pipelines despite the use of ion exchangers.

At the end of 2016, together with the Linz plumbing company Laban, the water supply network in the main building and the outbuilding was analyzed and the complete conversion to the chemical-free AQUABION® system was prepared. At the beginning of February, the time had come: within a few hours, the existing ion exchangers and chemical metering stations were dismantled and replaced by corresponding AQUABION units in the cold and hot water pipes.

Today – 6 months later – Julius Raab Heim Managing Director Seiringer Peter is convinced that he has made the right decision: “By installing the AQUABION®, we have finally solved the problem with rusty water and are also saving on the ongoing operating costs for salt, Dosing agent and lower water consumption. It is also astonishing that due to the excellent limescale protection effect of the AQUABION®, the water pressure on the upper floors has already risen again after a relatively short time! ”

Alfred Laban, owner of the well-known Linzer installation company and responsible for the project implementation on site, is also enthusiastic about the AQUABION®: “In recent years we have implemented several AQUABION® projects together with the company Rabmer, always satisfying our customers. Whether it’s corrosion or lime problems, the AQUABION® always works reliably and has the distinct advantage of working without any chemicals. This keeps the water in its original form with its good taste and is not negatively affected by corrosive behavior. This has proven itself again in this project! ”

We are pleased that with this project we were again able to prove the outstanding effectiveness of our AQUABION®.

You can see pictures of the project on our YouTube video. Further information about the AQUABION can be found at www.aquabion.at or you can directly contact the Rabmer GreenTech specialists via greentech@rabmer.at.