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AQUABION® - your recommendation is worth 50 €!

Get your 50 EURO commission voucher for every newly won AQUABION customer!

You are satisfied with your Aquabion and know someone who also needs a lime or corrosion protection? If so, simply recommend us and receive a voucher worth EUR 50 for each successful new customer placement, which you can redeem when purchasing your next AQUABION® replacement unit.

Step 1: Tell your neighbors, colleagues or friends about the advantages of the AQUABION limescale and corrosion protection system and send us specific prospects.

Step 2:

To do so, please fill out the enclosed form and have it signed by the interested party as a sign of his consent.

Step 3:

Then send the completed form either by post to Rabmer GreenTech GmbH Bruckbachweg 23, 4203 Altenberg or by email to greentech@rabmer.at

We then contact the prospective buyer. As soon as the installation of an AQUABION® and the corresponding payment are received, we will send you a 50, – EUR voucher. You can then simply and easily redeem this when ordering your next AQUABION® replacement device! You can also purchase and redeem several vouchers.

This promotion is only valid for customers in Austria. The vouchers can not be redeemed in cash.

If you have further questions, please contact us on 07230 7213 741 or greentech@rabmer.at

Yours, Klaus Pichler Area Manager Rabmer GreenTech