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That was the municipal fair 2022

The municipal fair 2022 took place in Wels on June 29th and 30th. The Rabmer Group was represented with a stand again this year and focused on energy generation from the renewable source “wastewater” as well as water and energy efficiency.

Especially due to the tense situation caused by the Ukraine war and the currently drastically rising energy prices, regional, independent and sustainable energy sources are becoming increasingly important for communities. With “Energy from Wastewater” Rabmer has its finger on the pulse and presented the innovative technology as an exhibitor at this year’s municipal trade fair. Not only many communities from all over Austria expressed their interest, but also politics: Rabmer Managing Director Ulrike Rabmer-Koller was able to meet, among others, Minister of Water Management Norbert Totschnig, Minister of Defense Klaudia Tanner, State Secretary Claudia Plakolm, the Upper Austrian Governor Thomas Stelzer, Association of Municipalities Upper Austria. President Hans Hingsamer together with his designated successor Christian Mader as well as many mayors, heads of departments and municipal employees from all over Austria at the Rabmer booth. Many interesting discussions followed, about how the energy from the wastewater can be used to heat and cool buildings and to produce hot water, and how the technology works.

Workshop “Get out of gas” a complete success
In addition to the booth, we held a workshop on the topic “Get out of gas – energy from waste water for renewable heating and cooling of buildings”. Many interested parties accepted the invitation and wanted to find out more about the future-oriented topic. Based on projects that have been implemented, the participants were made aware of the great potential of energy from wastewater and raised awareness of the need to phase out gas and oil quickly.

Municipalities focus on water and energy efficiency
Municipalities are actively looking for easy-to-implement measures to reduce energy costs for municipal and private households. ECOTURBINO® from Rabmer offers an optimal solution here, in that a mini-turbine in the shower saves water and energy and at the same time costs for hot water production without any loss of comfort. Together with some municipalities, we will create an Ecoturbino campaign for the citizens in the next few weeks. The issue of limescale and corrosion often presents communities with challenges and expensive repairs. Using a pattern, visitors were able to take a closer look at the environmentally friendly AQUABION® from Rabmer, so that limescale deposits and rust in pipes are a thing of the past.


The Rabmer exhibition team would like to thank all visitors to the stand for the great interest! We are already looking forward to being part of the municipal fair again next year.