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The Rabmer Group at the Municipal Fair in Salzburg

This year’s municipal trade fair in Graz deals with the responsibility of all people towards our planet. As a pioneer in this category, the Rabmer Group will be on the spot to provide advice and information on environmental technologies.

Date:   27. – 28. Juni 2017
Place:  Messe Congress Graz,
              Halle A (OG) – booth P24

At our booth we present our innovative environmental technologies and services for the municipal sector. These include:

ENERGY FROM WASTE WATER – Waste Water Heat for Heating and Cooling of Buildings

In households, housing estates, hotels, public buildings and businesses, a large amount of warm wastewater is produced every day. With the heat of wastewater, we have a huge energy potential at our disposal, which can be used with state-of-the-art heat exchangers and heat pump technologies – economically, efficiently and innovatively…

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ECOTURBINO® water saving system for the shower

The patented ECOTURBINO® technology – a small turbine – easy and quick to install – generates a strongly swirled water-air mixture which saves about 36% water and energy – without any loss of shower comfort…

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AQUABION® Corrosion- and Limescale Protection

AQUABION® reliably protects pipes, fittings, household appliances and production facilities against limescale and rust without any use of chemicals, electricity or magnets while maintaining the natural drinking water quality. More than 200,000 AQUABION units sold across Europe testify the products’ quality…

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VERTILINER® Shaft Lining for High Demands

The Vertiliner® is a liner system for the static load-bearing lining of manholes. A seamless, glass fiber reinforced and impregnated with resin hose is introduced and then cured with UV light. The special feature of the Vertiliner® is that it can be executed in one work step up to the top of the road. The cross-sectional changes in the shaft are incorporated in…

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RGT-Odor Protection for Manholes

The RGT Odor Protection is a patented, mechanical system for manholes and inlets of all kinds. It protects against unpleasant, harmful odor nuisance, prevents the escape of rodents and avoids the overflow of wastewater during heavy rain events…

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We cordially invite you to get an impression of these technologies, to discuss those topics with us during the fair and look forward to your visit.