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Energy Globe Upper Austria Award for energy from wastewater

At the celebratory finale of the Energy Globe Austria at the beginning of October, the best environmental projects in Austria were honored. The Rabmer Group received the Medal of Honor in the Water category for “Energy from wastewater for renewable heating and cooling of buildings”. The innovative technology won in Upper Austria.

A total of around 300 Austrian environmental projects were submitted for the Energy Globe Austria this year. The winners in the categories Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Sustainable Community and Youth were now chosen at an online ceremony on October 7th. The Rabmer Group was pleased to receive a medal of honor in the water category for “energy from waste water for renewable heating and cooling of buildings”.

Upper Austria state victory in the water category
Before the big Energy Globe Austria finale, projects at state level were already awarded the popular trophy: Rabmer was able to secure first place in Upper Austria in the water category with the generation of energy from wastewater.

About the technology “energy from waste water”
The previously largely unused waste water is available as a renewable energy source around the clock all year round. The temperature is constantly between 12 and 18 degrees. If there is a company nearby, the temperature of the waste water can rise to up to 30 degrees. Wastewater can be used to heat or cool buildings. Heat exchangers extract heat or cold from the waste water, heat pumps then bring the energy source to the required temperature level. Around 14% of the heating and cooling requirements in the building sector can be covered by renewable wastewater energy from sewers in front of the sewage treatment plant. In addition, heating and cooling is available directly at the sewage treatment plants, so that around 25% of the entire building sector could be supplied with energy from sewage. The Rabmer Group develops individual and innovative solutions depending on project requirements. This makes a significant contribution to the energy transition and climate protection. Further information is also available at www.energie-aus-abwasser.at

Energy Globe initiator Wolfgang Neumann, winner Ulrike Rabmer-Koller and Energie AG General Manager Werner Steinecker at the award ceremony. (Photo: Mathias Lauringer)