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FutureConvent 2022: Improving the world with technology

"Improve the world with technology!" This was the motto of the FutureConvent 2022 in Gmunden - and this is also the aspiration of the HTL students who attended the future conference. The lectures and workshops were not about whether we need to save our planet, but how we can do it best and fastest.

With the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN has created a guideline for a better world. Nevertheless, it is clear that the paths to implementing these goals are not yet fully mapped out. There is broad agreement that modern technology should be used to bring about these solutions.

The foundations for this are being laid in Austrian technical colleges, where the technicians of the future are being trained. As an Austrian greentech company, we took part in the FutureConvent 2022 and were able to talk to many bright minds about the implementation of sustainability measures and present our innovative technologies, such as energy generation from wastewater or exhaust air, water savers and our environmentally friendly lime and corrosion protection. We hope we were able to provide inspiration and drive ideas forward in order to accelerate the energy transition together.