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Girls Day at Rabmer - Girls get a taste of „technical air“

The Girls Day has already become a fixture at the Altenberg construction and environmental technology company Rabmer. Again this year, 4 girls spent the day in the company and sniffed “technical air”. The Rabmer team created a comprehensive program for the girls – ranging from dredging to drawing blueprints on the computer to working on the construction site.

“We have been supporting Girls’ Day for many years, because as an entrepreneur, I too am in a technical field and want to show the girls what diverse training opportunities there are in technical professions and what opportunities there are. The main goal is to reduce prejudices against technical occupations and to inspire the girls for construction technology. The construction sector no longer means only physical exertion, but skill, creativity and teamwork are in the foreground “, reports company boss Mag. Ulrike Rabmer-Koller.

“If more girls succeed in overcoming gender stereotypes in their choice of profession and are also interested in other occupational fields, then all those involved benefit – both the girls themselves and us companies. We are delighted that the participating girls go home enthusiastically every year and, of course, hope that many of them will choose a construction profession, “concludes Rabmer-Koller.