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Hotel ZEITGEIST Vienna saves water and energy with Ecoturbino®

The hotel industry is preparing for the time after the lockdown and, of course, is searching for all potential savings that are available. The reduction of operating costs is a priority and water and energy costs play here an important role. Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna (www.zeitgeist-vienna.com) has recognized this and has equipped its showers with the Ecoturbino®, thus creating the basis for saving a lot of water, energy, CO2 and thus saves operating costs. Ecoturbino®, the only water-saving system for showers in which the shower spray and shower comfort remain the same, is the must-have for sustainably managed hotels.

Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna (www.zeitgeist-vienna.com) in the immediate vicinity of Vienna Central Station is a popular contact point for tourists and business customers. Nomen est omen – Zeitgeist is not just a term. Zeitgeist is a motto of life, according to which we act: 100% privately run and 100% passion – with humanity and service quality as the top priority, in interaction with responsibility towards local producers and our environment.

The advantages recognized and implemented immediately

In line with the company’s philosophy, great value is placed on sustainability and quality. The first contacts were made during an ÖHV Profit Days, which was followed by an intensive test phase, with the result that all overhead showers were equipped with the Ecoturbino WR9, resulting in 50% savings while keeping 100% shower comfort. Maintenance Manager Ing. Christian Janda is convinced: “We tested the Ecoturbino in 10 rooms for several weeks and received no negative feedback from guests. That in combination with the great savings convinced us, as well as the great support from Rabmer. ”

High savings realized quickly and easily

In Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna, 84 overhead showers have now been retrofitted with the Ecoturbino® water-saving system. This means that over € 10,000 in costs, around 1,600 m3 of water and more than 20 tons of CO2 can be saved annually.

For your personal offer for Ecoturbino®, contact our specialists at greentech@rabmer.at, +43 7230 7213 741!