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Innovative technologies for clean and efficiently used drinking water

March 22 is International Water Day

World Water Day has been celebrated every year on March 22 since 1993 to draw attention to the importance of water for humanity and to raise awareness. Austria is a country rich in water, but here too it is important to take good care of this precious resource. Many years ago, the Rabmer Group set itself the goal of not wasting water, but using it efficiently and developing innovative products for greater sustainability.

Water is a very precious commodity and is becoming increasingly scarce, especially with rising temperatures and a simultaneous lack of rain. Of the 130 liters of drinking water consumed on average each day, up to 80 liters are used unnecessarily when showering. Rust and limescale deposits in pipes also reduce the quality of domestic water. Rabmer uses innovative technologies to ensure clean, natural and efficiently used drinking water.

Environmentally friendly limescale protection
Austria is known for its excellent drinking water, not least thanks to its high levels of healthy calcium and magnesium. However, it is precisely these minerals that are responsible for the formation of unpleasant limescale deposits. Costly repairs, broken household appliances and machines, high cleaning costs and rising energy costs are the result. Rabmer's
AQUABION® prevents corrosion and limescale - without the use of chemicals, salt, electricity or magnets. In addition, limescale stains on fittings and tiles are reduced or can simply be wiped off. Problems with rust and brown water caused by corrosion in metal pipes are also a thing of the past. Probably the biggest advantage of AQUABION®: the naturally good taste of the water is also retained.

Save water when showering
With the Austrian invention ECOTURBINO®, Rabmer offers the solution to save water quickly, easily and efficiently. This small turbine, which can also be easily retrofitted, can save around 40% of water and energy costs when showering. The special feature of the innovative ECOTURBINO® technology is that showering comfort is maintained. By adding air, the water jet is just as powerful as before. In addition to the huge financial savings potential (up to 420 euros per year for a 4-person household), the ECOTURBINO® has another very positive effect: less energy consumption also means that less CO2 is released. A win-win situation for the environment and your wallet.

Heating and cooling using wastewater energy
Every household and business produces a large amount of wastewater every day, as well as considerable quantities of industrial wastewater, which is considered a "dirty matter" and usually flows unused through the sewage system into wastewater treatment plants. But Rabmer uses innovative technology to extract efficient and clean energy for heating and cooling buildings from this supposedly dirty water. This is because wastewater energy is available all year round, around the clock, at an almost constant temperature level. At the heart of the technology are innovative heat exchangers, which are used to extract the temperature from the wastewater. Heat pumps are then used to increase this temperature further and make it usable for heating buildings. In summer, the wastewater energy is then used to cool rooms. The heat pump works in "reverse" as a cooling machine.

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