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Now NEW - ECOTURBINO saving calculator

A large proportion of the water and energy costs are caused by the shower. According to a study by the Ministry of Life in November 2010, the average European uses about 45 liters of water a day in the shower, and the trend is rising!

With the ECOTURBINO, a small innovative turbine, it is possible to add approx. Save 36% water and energy. In addition, the ECOTURBINO® prevents deposits in the shower hose and shower head, which significantly improves hygiene. The function of ECOTURBINOS has been described i.a. audited by the TÜV Austria and awards such as the Austrian Ecolabel or the Energy Globe Upper Austria 2017 testify to the high quality of the product. More about the ECOTURBINO can be found here: http://bit.ly/2gbqivn

In order to be able to calculate the corresponding savings potential concretely and individually, the ECOTURBINO saving calculator has recently been added to our website. The calculation basis of the savings calculator was certified by TÜV Austria based on the Austrian Energy Efficiency Act.

Typical areas of application are private households, dormitories, hospitals, health institutions, schools, sports facilities and, above all, the hotel industry. Many well-known reference customers, such as the 5-star hotels “Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna”, the “Nixe Palace Hotel Mallorca” or the “Harry’s Home Hotel Linz” and many more already use this innovative, patented technology to quickly and easily reduce their costs and still theirs To offer guests optimal showering comfort.

Our example below shows the calculation for a hotel in Vienna with 100 showers with an occupancy rate of 80%. With a one-off cost of EUR 4 658, there is an annual savings potential (!) Of € 11 000 in operating costs and 1 800 m³ of water, 75 000 kWh = 270 GJ of energy and 24 000 kg of CO2! This does not take into account the potential proceeds from the sale of the measure under the EEffG to your energy supplier.

Calculate your individual savings potential right away: http://bit.ly/2yMWHmu