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Free Water- & Energy Check for the hotel industry

We offer an individual check of your company regarding water efficiency, water hygiene and energy efficiency with the aim of achieving a sustainable reduction in operating costs.

A significant part of the operating costs within the hotel industry arises through expenses for water/sewerage fees and energy use. Typical cost drivers are outdated lighting systems, inefficient ventilation systems without heat recovery, high water consumption in the showers and washbasins or excessive temperature control in hotel rooms during the heating season. In addition, there exist strict requirements regarding hygiene within the sanitary piping systems to protect hotel guests and operators from germs and legionella – currently a highly explosive topic in times of the COVID-19 crisis.

Therefore, we now support hotels (free of charge) in checking the current situation, based on the guide “Energy management in the hotel and catering industry”, which was compiled by the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism. Based on this, we propose rapidly implementable measures in the areas of water, hygiene and energy efficiency based on our sustainable environmental technology products in order to reduce future operating costs in the long term and/or improve hygiene.

In this context we offer you an extra-long payment term of 90 days for the next two months when purchasing the

In addition, you will receive our Rabmer satisfaction guarantee – meaning that if you are not satisfied with our products in the 1st year after the purchase, we will remove the unit at our own expense and refund the purchase price.

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