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Rabmer Offers New Innovative Services

The collection of information about the flow rate, temperature, etc. of different liquids in different networks is becoming increasingly important. The Rabmer Group now also offers comprehensive services with state-of-the-art measuring equipment and trained staff as an extension of its range of services.

Measurements in drinking water networks and other liquids

Modern mobile gauges are used to determine the flow rates in different networks, first to measure the actual flow rate as well as variations in time, secondly to detect and locate leaks in pipe systems.

Our experienced employees quickly determine the exact flow rate inside pipes with an ultrasonic transit time method. These services are universally applicable e.g. during commissioning of networks, comparative measurements, expert reports, design of drinking water networks, leak detection, etc. The findings are either stored for a short, or long time and evaluated according to customer requirements.

Flow and Temperature Measurements Wastewater

The collection of information about flow rates, temperature, etc. in sewers has become increasingly important, especially for the energetic use of wastewater and the localization of external water ingress.

Experienced employees of the Rabmer Group are using modern measuring instruments both to carry out temporary measurements of wastewater flow rates, temperatures, etc. as well as long – term measurements with built – in sensors for instanc to determine temporal fluctuations.

With a wide range of different sensors, our services can be offered for almost all types of channels.

In addition to the rapid determination of flow rates, temperatures, etc., we can also quickly create an estimate of the potential for a possible energetic use of wastewater for heating or cooling objects in the vicinity of the channel, based on the previous measurements!

Energy from wastewater has been classified as renewable energy throughout the EU since December 2018!