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R20 AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT - Rabmer also participates in the largest climate protection congress

Rabmer has been fighting climate change for several years now and has been able to launch products that guarantee consistent comfort at high energy and cost savings. At this years’ summit with Arnold Schwarzenegger, we will be able to share our innovations to the public.

All of us can feel climate change every day. The seasons are not the same as we used to know them, the glaciers are melting and the sea level is steadily rising. Rabmer is actively working against this trend, with its sustainable products and technologies, therefore we participate in the most important B2B discussions of the R20 summit in Vienna.

One of the main topics is the use of energy from wastewater. The wastewater hides a high but rarely used heat potential, which is available all year round and therefore is ideal for heating and cooling buildings as well as fresh water preheating. Rabmer offers highly efficient solutions for office blocks and residential buildings, as well as commercial kitchens, laundries or public baths, which can thus use a climate-friendly and highly economical source of energy.

With the lime and corrosion protection system AQUABION, Rabmer offers the perfect solution against limescale deposits and corrosion damage, completely without any use of environmentally harmful chemicals, salt, electricity or magnets.

With our ECOTURBINO® water saving system for showers without any loss of comfort, up to 36% of water can be saved with each shower, further saving valuable resources and protecting our planet.

True to the motto of the founder of this event – Arnold Schwarzenegger – “less talk, more action”, we want contribute to climate protection with our innovative products. Everyone can do something! Often, it is the small steps, which can change a lot. We look forward to an exciting, instructive and inspiring R20 World Summit 2019!

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