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Rabmer: Member of the Austrian Heat Pump Association

The trend towards ecological heating systems continues. Above all, energy from wastewater as a renewable energy source is becoming increasingly important. In order to further push this topic, Rabmer has decided to become a member of the Austrian heat pump association. At the General Assembly in early July in Carinthia, we presented our company together with our technologies.

This year, the General Assembly of the Austrian heat pump association took place in in a beautiful location in Techelsberg at the Wörthersee. The two-day program consisted of the General Assembly, where the new board was elected as well as a nice get-together and some exciting presentations.

In his speech, Mag. Klaus Pichler, manager of the Rabmer GreenTech, explained the advantages and possibilities of energy production from waste water. Warm wastewater can be used very efficiently both inside and outside buildings under appropriate conditions for the heating and cooling of buildings as well as for hot water treatment and thus for the saving of fossil fuels. The application areas go from the use of heat exchangers in showers and end with highly efficient heat exchangers combined with heat pumps for the use of sewage channel heat for complete heating and cooling of buildings.

There is a wide range of available technologies and innovative solutions are constantly being added. The projects are correspondingly economical and efficient, and amortization periods of 3-5 years are already realistic.

The use of this sustainable, renewable energy source will shape the future of heating and cooling of buildings. Ideal conditions can be found especially in larger cities, where channels with sufficient waste water volumes (at least 10 l / sec) are available and potential consumers are located in the immediate vicinity. Of course, other potentials can also be found in industries or in sewage treatment plants. Office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, retirement homes or schools are just a few examples of suitable applications. In addition, work is already being carried out to use wastewater heat for the injection into the secondary network of district heating operators. Calculations show that in the future 5 – 15% of the heat demand of buildings can be covered by energy from wastewater.

It is already possible to imagine how much energy will be used in the future from our sewers in the interest of our environment! We are happy to work together with the Austrian heat pump association for a wider distribution in Austria.