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Rabmer at the 4th Viennese real estate and tenancy day in Vienna

Under the title “Green Building and Energy Efficiency”, GreenTech expert Klaus Pichler presented innovative solutions on the subject of efficient water and energy use in property management on Saturday 22.09.2018 in the course of his exciting lecture in the auditorium of the University of Vienna. Among other things, the environmental technology solutions energy production from wastewater, the lime and corrosion protection system AQUABION and the effective water saving solution for the shower ECOTURBINO were presented to the interested public.


Energy production from wastewater

More than 40% of the world’s energy requirements are used for heating and cooling, including hot water preparation. With the waste heat a huge energy potential is available, which can be used by means of modern heat exchanger and heat pump technology for it – economically, efficiently and innovatively.

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AQUABION Lime and corrosion protection

Reliably protects pipes, fittings, household appliances and production facilities against limescale and rust without the use of chemicals, electricity or magnets while maintaining the natural drinking water quality. A proven system for private households, residential buildings, industry and commerce for more than 15 years. More than 100,000 AQUABION sold across Europe testify to the quality of the product.

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ECOTURBINO water saving solution for the shower

The only water saving solution for the shower without loss of comfort! The patented technology guarantees about 1/3 of water savings and with full showering pleasure, by the admixture of air the jet of water remains as strong as before. Save water easily and efficiently with the ECOTURBINO.

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More information about the event can be found at: www.wimt.at