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Black Friday Super Sale

-15% Black Friday Promotion Discount*

On Friday 23.11.2018 we offer a discount of -15%* on the products AQUABION lime and corrosion protection, ECOTURBINO water & energy saving system for the shower and ZYPHO heat exchanger for the shower.

Reduce limescale protection as well as water and energy costs at an unbeatable price. Access our webshop www.rabmer.at/shop (simply enter “BlackFriday” in the voucher code) or contact our specialists for an exclusive offer at greentech@rabmer.at.

* Discount valid for current list prices Zypho, Aquabion and Ecoturbino with a purchase and/or order on 23.11.2018

AQUABION Lime and corrosion protection

Reliably protects pipes, fittings, household appliances and production plants from limescale and rust without the use of chemicals, electricity or magnets while maintaining the natural quality of drinking water…

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ECOTURBINO water saving system for the shower

The ECOTURBINO water saving system is the only water saving solution without loss of comfort. By adding air, 36% of water is saved and the water jet remains as strong as before…

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ZYPHO Recovery of shower heat

ZYPHO is a compact and highly efficient heat exchanger that is installed under the shower tray. It absorbs heat energy from the drain water and “recycles” it to preheat the cold water, thereby reducing energy consumption by 30%…

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