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Rabmer expands product range - Primus Line® moves in

We have decided to expand our product range by using the Primus Line® system for our excavation- pipe rehabilitation. This very efficient product is used for the rehabilitation of pressure pipelines.

News within the Rabmer pipe rehabilitation technology

Primus Line® is a tried and tested piping system for trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipelines of various media (water, gas, oil). The Primus Line® system, consisting of a flexible high-pressure hose and a specially developed connection technology, is used as a trenchless rehabilitation method.

Functionality and Know-How

The system is delivered with up to 6.000 m in one piece on a transport drum and can be pulled in up to 2.500 meters in one piece. Due to its multi-layer construction and its very low wall thickness, the Primus Line hose offers flexibility extremely high material strength and at the same time. Primus Line® is produced in nominal diameters from DN 150 to DN 500. The hose is drawn into old pipes via small excavation pits – large road openings or excavations can therefore be dispensed with.

Primus Line® is not glued to the old pipe and is self-supporting. An annular space remains between the old pipe and Primus Line®. At the ends, the Primus Line hose is connected to the existing pipes (steel, cast iron, PE or other materials) and thus to the pipeline network by means of specially developed high-pressure connectors.


Primus Line® convinces by short rehabilitation times and a fast re-commissioning and due to the resulting saving potentials not only represents a cost-effective alternative to open rehabilitation, but also a high-quality method for the renewal of pressure pipelines.