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Rabmer GreenTech is partner of the energy initiative act4.energy

The research and development initiative “act4.energy Innovation Laboratory” initiated by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and implemented in Southern Burgenland unites the pioneers of the Austrian energy future in order to further expand the topic of “Renewable Energy in Austria”. In order to be able to implement this across all sectors such as electricity, heat and mobility, a further milestone was set with the formation of a top-class Development and Strategy Advisory Board. In addition to SIEMENS Austria, Fronius International, AIT Austria Institute of Technology and many more, Rabmer GreenTech is also one of the top-class energy specialists.

Rabmer focuses on innovative technologies for energy generation from waste water. The waste water conceals a high, but so far hardly used energy potential. Wastewater heat is an energy source that can be used all year round and is ideal for heating and cooling buildings and for preheating fresh water. Over 40% of the world’s energy requirements are used for heating and cooling buildings alone, almost exclusively on the basis of fossil fuels. The use of wastewater energy is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly solution to this problem, from small heat exchangers for the shower to large solutions for heating and cooling buildings using heat pump and heat exchanger technology.

Further information on energy from waste water can be found here.

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