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Clean and efficient used drinking water

June 15 is Austria's drinking water day

As part of the Austrian Drinking Water Day, the water utilities present their services. Rabmer has also been working with innovative technologies in the field of environmental techniques for more than 30 years. In this area, the resource water is very important to us.

Water is a very valuable commodity and especially in the current summer heat ever scarcer. Of 130 liters of average total drinking water consumption per day, up to 80 liters are consumed for showers only (according to literature study Water consumption and water needs, „Lebensminsterium“ 2010 – summary of EU water consumption data in the household). Rust and limescale also reduce the quality of domestic water. Rabmer’s innovative technologies focus on clean, lime-free and efficiently used drinking water.

Clean drinking water with best quality

With the limescale and corrosion protection system AQUABION® the drinking water quality remains in its original form. The system is completely maintenance-free and works without chemicals, salt or electricity – the proven zinc sacrificial anode technology releases zinc ions into the water, which change the original structure of the lime, stabilizing the water hardness in a natural way. AQUABION® protects against calcification, limescale and rust, the natural taste and the valuable minerals (calcium & magnesium) are kept in the drinking water.

Saving water easily and efficient

With the Austrian invention ECOTURBINO® Rabmer offers the solution to save water quick, easy and efficient. With this small turbine, which can also be retrofitted easily, more than a third of the water and energy costs can be saved during showering. The special feature of the innovative ECOTURBINO® technology is that showering comfort is maintained. By adding air, the water jet is almost as strong as before. In addition to the great financial savings potential, the ECOTURBINO® brings another very positive effect: less energy consumption also means that less CO2 is released. For example, with more than 20,000 ECOTURBINO® installed so far, around 340 million liters of drinking water and more than 4,300 tonnes of CO2 are saved each year.