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Save water quick and easy – with the solution from Rabmer

In the past, water scarcity was limited mainly to the dry belt of the earth or southern regions, meanwhile this problem occurs more and more also “water rich” regions. At temperatures around 30 degrees and more, enormous amounts of water are consumed. In addition to agriculture and industry, households are among the main consumers of water, according to a study from the Ministry of Life from november 2010 , the daily showers are on the top of the list. From 130 liters of average total water consumption per day, up to 80 liters are consumed alone for showering1) and this value is probably much higher at the current temperatures.

Saving water is everyone’s business! Water is a valuable resource that everyone should use responsibly. A simple and efficient way to actively save water is to reduce the water wastage while showering. Not taking a shower isn’t an option at the current high summer temperatures, so many people use saving shower heads or flow restrictors. The standard products on the market have one major disadvantage: By reducing the volume of water, the showering comfort also is significantly reduced. One third of the water consumption can be saved without any reduction of the shower comfort. Rabmer – the environmental technology specialist offers the solution with the water-saving innovation ECOTURBINO. “The ECOTURBINO is a small turbine, that can be installed easy and quick in any shower, and uses a patented technology to create a strong swirled water-air mixture. This means that about 36% percent of water and energy can be saved without reducing the shower jet intensity. As exclusive distributor we offer an innovative solution to counteract the increasing of water scarcity, “explains Mag. Ulrike Rabmer-Koller.

In addition to the great financial saving potential – with ECOTURBINO a 4-person-household can save about 240 euros per year – this innovative water saving system makes a significant contribution to environmental protection. For example, with the actually more than 20,000 ECOTURBINOs installed in Austria, around 340 million Liters of drinking water and more than 4,300 tons of CO2 could be saved. The ECOTURBINO has been certified by TÜV Austria as a suitable energy efficiency measure according to the Energy Efficiency Act and is also awarded with the Austrian Ecolabel and the Upper Austria Energy Globe Award in the category Water.

1) Source: Ministry of Life, Nov. 2010, Study Water Consumption and Water Demand, Part 1, p. 114, Tab. 26 and p. 115, Tab. 28


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