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Donation that helps sustainably: SOS Children's Village Austria saves 170,000 euros in operating costs, 27 million liters of water and 360 tons of CO2 per year with donated environmental technology

Pfandleihanstalt Erika Martetschläger GesmbH equips all SOS Children’s Village facilities in Austria with innovative environmental technology. The donated Ecoturbino water and energy savers will be installed in the showers, saving the children’s aid organization approximately 27 million liters of water per year and thus 170,000 euros per year, as well as reducing its CO2 emissions by 360 tons. The devices come from the Rabmer Group, which is participating in the fundraising campaign.

Saving water and energy not only protects the environment, but also your wallet. Especially in the bathroom, it pays to save money. Around one third of the total water consumption in households, hotels or sports facilities is needed for showers and personal hygiene alone. Due to the current energy crisis, the cost of heating water is also rising, so even constant consumption is becoming more expensive.

Innovative solutions are needed to save money, water and energy without sacrificing comfort and hygiene. The pawnbroker Erika Martetschläger GesmbH is now equipping the Austrian branches of SOS Children’s Villages with such a solution – the ECOTURBINO technology from Rabmer. The quarters in Vienna Floridsdorf, Hinterbrühl and Pinkafeld made a start, and now the children’s aid organization is being supplied with water-saving mini-turbines throughout Austria.

“Especially in times of crisis, it is enormously important to support charitable projects,” explains Karin Meier-Martetschläger, Managing Partner of Pfandleihanstalt. “We are pleased that with our donation, the SOS Children’s Village facilities will be able to drastically reduce their water consumption and operating costs – so the funds freed up each year will be available for other investments. In addition, the children’s aid organization saves energy sustainably with the ECOTURBINOS and reduces its pollutant emissions. Having committed myself to the principle of ‘helping people to help themselves’ in my fundraising activities, I find this project particularly sustainable in a double sense.”

600 showers save 27 million litres of water a year
On 22 December, the ECOTURBINOS were now handed over for further SOS Children’s Villages in Austria. Erwin Roßmann, Head of SOS Children’s Village Vienna, accepted the water and energy savers at the SOS Children’s Village Vienna. “We thank you very much for the generous donation! In total, ECOTURBINOS will be installed in over 600 showers in SOS Children’s Villages throughout Austria in the next few months. That adds up to quite a bit of water and operating costs.”

“At 600 showers equipped with the ECOTURBINO system, the children’s aid organization will save around 27 million liters of water per year, as well as 170,000 euros in operating costs. At the same time, this measure will reduce CO2 emissions by 360 tons over the same period, thus also promoting climate protection. I am pleased that this fundraising campaign is a win-win situation for both, the children and the environment,” explains Rabmer General Manager Ulrike Rabmer-Koller.

How the ECOTURBINO works
The ECOTURBINO can be installed quickly and easily – the device is screwed directly onto the fitting in front of the shower hose. Beforehand, a test is carried out by the Rabmer Group to ensure the proper functioning of the devices and to calculate the expected savings.

A strong cross-sectional constriction in the ECOTURBINO allows only part of the water to pass into the shower hose. A patented technology creates a swirling water-air mixture in the unit. This hits the shower head at high speed and ensures a high water jet intensity despite lower water consumption. With the ECOTURBINO, water can thus be saved without restricting showering comfort.


Read more: www.ecoturbino.com or www.rabmer.com

Ulrike Rabmer-Koller (left) and Karin Meier-Martetschläger (right) officially handed over the ECOTURBINOS to Erwin Roßmann, the director of the SOS Children’s Village Vienna (Credit: Leadersnet/C. Mikes)