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Save water without compromise

 Save water, cut costs, keep showering comfort high and at the same time protect the environment – the ECOTURBINO water-saving solution from Rabmer makes it possible. The Walchhofer hotel companies in Zauchensee are also enthusiastic about the innovative water saving system.

Numerous Austrian top hotels already use the water saving technology ECOTURBINO from Rabmer. Recently, the Walchhofer hotel companies in Zauchensee were equipped with the ECOTURBINO water saving solution and managing director Michael Walchhofer is completely convinced of the positive effect: “After many attempts in the past with different systems, we had already ticked off the topic. When the company Rabmer showed us their Ecoturbino, we were very skeptical at the beginning, but the practical test surprised us positively and we are now absolutely convinced of the Ecoturbino. Saving water without losing comfort has now become a reality in our hotels! ”

In addition to private households, the water consumption when showering, especially in hotels is very large and represents a significant cost factor for those responsible. The major challenge here is to keep the quality high for the guests, showering comfort must not be affected. The conventional water saving systems for the shower currently used on the market have one thing in common: they usually lead to lower waterjet pressure and thus to a massive loss of comfort.

The Rabmer Group offers – with the Austrian invention ECOTURBINO – an innovative and efficient solution for water saving: “The ECOTURBINO is a small turbine that can be easily and quickly installed in any shower fitting and uses a patented technology to produce a strongly swirled water-air mixture. This means that about 36% percent of water and energy can be saved. The shower jet is the same – with significantly lower water consumption – as strong as before. Thus, the shower comfort is maintained and you still save a large amount of water, energy and thus operating costs. In addition, this also makes a significant contribution to environmental protection, “explains Mag. Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, Managing Partner of the Rabmer Group.

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Find more information about the ECOTURBINO water saving solution: www.ecoturbino.com