RGT-odor protection
Odor protection for manholes and drains of all kinds

The problem - unpleasant smell

Discharge of exhausted air and gases from sewers, especially in urban areas, agriculture and the food industry, cause unpleasant odors. This can result in unpleasant living and working conditions, complaints from neighbors and a bad image among residents or tourists.

The solution - the innovative RGT odor protection

The RGT Odor Protection is a patented, mechanical system for manholes and inlets of all kinds. It protects against unpleasant, harmful odor nuisance, prevents the escape of rodents and avoids the wastewater overflow during heavy rain events.

  • Made of high-quality GRP material, the odor protection insert is adapted to the respective shaft cover.
  • The installation is done directly in the manhole cover, if necessary directly fixed in the shaft wall.
  • If required, an additional installation frame can be supplied or installed.
  • The RGT odor protection can be removed from the manhole at any time by means of an integrated hook and cleaned if necessary.

Specially developed flap and valve systems ensure a trouble-free water intake. The advantages are apparent:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • Corrosion-free and UV-resistant
  • High strength

With the RGT odor protection system, maintenance and fault-prone filter systems can be avoided in the future.

The system, material and materials used have been tested and certified to ISO, ASTM E and ASTM D standards.

RGT Odor Protection E (Square)

The RGT Odor Protection E is a mechanical flap system for square manholes and inlets of all kinds, which can be used directly in the manhole. If required, additional frames are used with which the RGT Odor Protection E is fixed.

  • With integrated device for an optional standard leaf catching system
  • Standard sizes (L x W in mm): 300 × 300 to 600 × 600 (Other dimensions available on request)
  • Installation depth: 400 mm for all sizes
  • Flap: closure made of high-strength, acid and alkali-resistant special textile with sewn-in counterweights
  • Short assembly times

RGT Geruchsschutz R (Rund)

The RGT Odor Protection R is a mechanical ball valve system for round manholes and inlets of all kinds, which is inserted directly into the manhole. If necessary, additional frames are used with which the the RGT Odor Protection R is fixed.

  • Standard sizes: ᴓ 300mm to 600mm
  • (Other dimensions available on request)
  • Installation depth: 300 mm for all sizes
  • Short assembly times



Shafts and street entrances of all kinds for

  • Cities and municipalities
  • Storage areas in the agricultural and food industry
  • Refineries
  • Industrial and commercial enterprises

Varied application possibilities - well-known references

The cities of Vienna and Budapest have extensively tested the RGT Odor Protection and have it in use for many years.

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