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Vertiliner® Trenchless manhole rehabilitation
High quality and durable solutions

VERTILINER® - Innovative shaft lining for high demands

Chemicals polluted wastewater, old age or heavy use cause channels and containers to leak. The renovation is time-consuming and expensive, the renovation with conventional methods often shows insufficient quality. With the Vertiliner® system we offer an innovative solution for customers in industry, trade or municipalities.

The Vertiliner® is a liner system for the static load-bearing lining of manholes. A seamless, glass fiber reinforced and impregnated with resin hose is introduced and then cured with UV light. The special feature of the Vertiliner® is that it can be executed in one work step up to the top of the road. The cross-sectional changes in the shaft are incorporated in the production, whereby no digging or lifting of the cone is required.

  • fast execution
  • high chemical resistance
  • long lifetime
  • suitable for all shaft types, whether round or square

Vertiliner® - Highest material quality for all requirements

The Vertiliner® consists of ECR glass fiber webs in various qualities and layers, which are impregnated with a light-curing polyester resin or vinyl ester resin. On the outside, the Vertiliner® is covered with a UV-tight and water-repellent sealing foil, inside, the product is provided with a translucent composite foil, which is removed after installation.

Vertiliner® Schachtauskleidung
Vertiliner® Schachtauskleidung

Vertiliner® - versatile in use

The system is used for standard manholes, square manholes and manholes that change their cross-sectional shape up to a diameter of DN 1500 mm.

The Vertiliner® can be manufactured in various wall thicknesses and with a high ¬resistance to chemicals and temperature, making it ideal for industrial applications. Blind shafts can also be rehabilitated with the Vertiliner®.

Short interruption due to rapid installation

The Vertiliner® is produced and impregnated for each shaft exactly as stated in the factory and delivered to the construction site ready for laying. After insertion into the shaft, the curing takes place by means of UV equipment. The entire installation up to the finished, operational shaft takes place within a few hours.

A drainage in the main channel is not required. Only the inlets in the shaft wall must be shut off at short notice.

The rehabilitation of the channel and the berm are carried out manually with prefabricated manhole bases or hand laminates as required.

Vertiliner® Schachtauskleidung wir eingesetzt

Technical data and available dimensions

Standard length: Max. 7m
Extra length: On request (longest version up to now with 25m)
Circular diameter: Max. 1,5m
Other diameter - forms: Max. 4,7m member perimeter
Wall thickness: 6,3 up to 14,7 mm
Vertiliner® Schachtauskleidung wir eingesetzt mit Kran

Many applications

VERTILINER® - shaft lining blind shaft

VERTILINER® - shaft lining blind shaft

VERTILINER® - shaft lining square shaft

VERTILINER® - shaft lining square shaft

VERTILINER® - shaft lining masonry shaft

VERTILINER® - shaft lining masonry shaft

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