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Municipal services
Reliable, competent, flexible

Strong in the municipal sector - since 1978

Rabmer Group offers a wide range of municipal services. Since 1978, we have been working for municipalities and street owners – in partnership, flexible and with state-of-the-art technologies.

Building & container renovation

Time saving, clean, digging free

The renovation of structures and containers is an important element of our service portfolio. Depending on the damage picture, we offer a variety of repair procedures, such as: B. Packerverfahren, coating or lining with plates.

In the Sure Grip® process, high-quality plastic sheets (PE, PP) are laid in concrete or applied by means of a formwork and filled with concrete.

Another method is the lining by means of prefabricated GRP laminate panels. This creates perfect surfaces that have excellent chemical resistance and complete impermeability.


Arbeiter bei Behältersanierung
Vertiliner® Schachtauskleidung

Vertiliner® Manhole lining

Long lasting structural Lining

The Vertiliner® is a liner system that is used for the rehabilitation of manholes. A seamless, hardened, glass-fiber-reinforced hose extends from the upper edge of the berm up to the upper edge of the street. The cross-section changes in the shaft are incorporated – excavation or lifting of the cone is not required.

Due to the different properties and designs (chemical resistance, insensitive to extreme temperatures, longevity), the system is particularly suitable for industrial applications.

More about the Vertiliner®

Manhole frame rehabilitation

Uncomplicated, fast, innovative

Our hoistway rehabilitation methods, with an average remediation time of one hour or less, allow for “rising” or “overflow” manhole covers to be raised or lowered without breaking the surface. Even if the manhole frame sits directly on the cone, it is possible to lower the frame. The potting material is shrink-free, early-proof, frost and salt-proof. This results in a long-lasting restructuring success.

Benefit from the advantages:

  • Cutting & asphalting is no longer necessary
  • The surface won’t be damaged
  • Long-lasting restoration success
  • Very fast procedure (average duration: max. of one hour)
  • Hardly any dust and/or noise pollution
Zwei Arbeiter bei Schachtrahmensanierung
Arbeiter bei Rohrsanierung

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation

Environmentally friendly, time-saving, economical

As a Europe-wide pioneer in trenchless pipe rehabilitation, we offer a range of technologies that enable us to rapidly, efficiently, and environmentally-friendly refurbishment projects for public and private operators of pipeline networks. Depending on the project requirements, different remediation methods are used.

Benefit from the advantages of trenchless pipe rehabilitation:

  • Short project times and high efficiency
  • Protection of the underground and underground infrastructure
  • Extensive avoidance of traffic disruptions
  • Low noise and dust pollution for residents
  • Active environmental protection through reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Restoration of a working pipeline for the next decades

Pipe inspection and pipe cleaning

State-of-the-art equipment - best results!

Pipe inspection

With high-resolution TV cameras, our specialists examine the piping. It uses its own carriages and state-of-the-art camera, color and swivel head and scan technologies. The cars are controlled by cables with a maximum length of 500 m.

Pipe cleaning

We clean gravity and pressure pipes, removing deposits, incrustations and corrosion inside the pipe. We offer different methods for this:

  • Pig cleaning
  • Air-water flushing
  • High pressure flushing
TV-Kamera inkl. Ausrüstung für Rohrinspektion und Rohrreinigung
HR Spülwagen bei Rohreinigung
Arbeiter bei Wasserverlustanalyse

Water loss analysis

Innovative technologies - Environmentally friendly solutions!

Pure drinking water percolates unnoticed in the ground every day. These water losses in the drinking water networks of municipalities and industrial companies often mean high costs and reduced water quality. We help to locate leaks, analyze water losses and reduce them.

  • Collection of the pipe networks
  • Systematic leak detection or rapid location with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Line location of pipes and house connections, metallic and non-metallic
  • Water loss analysis with data collection, preliminary and detailed analysis
  • Documentation and preparation of a renovation concept
  • Maintenance and repair

Pipe Laying

Economical, safe, experienced

For around 50 years, we have been building water supply and wastewater disposal systems – even in the most difficult ground and terrain conditions. Our experienced team works with modern and efficient machines, uses environmentally friendly construction methods and ensures a high-quality result! We are a reliable partner of energy supply companies, municipalities and industry.

We are also active in the laying of fiber optic cables. This takes place both by excavation and relocation as well as excavation-free by means of robots in channels.


Leitungsneubau Baustelle
Bagger und LKW während Grabenräumung

Trench Care

Fast & uncomplicated - thanks to innovative equipment technology

A regular trenching care contributes significantly to the preservation of roads and reduces consequential damages. The water can flow off the side of the roads and frost breakages and aquaplaning are prevented.

We offer fast and solution-oriented trench cleaning thanks to innovative equipment technology. Our modern special machine can handle these tasks with a favorable cost / performance ratio. We use devices with different working widths. An ablation can be carried out in different thicknesses and depths, in the area of ​​the safety barriers and in the direction of travel left and right. The material is loaded onto lorries and transported away. It is also possible to place the material in the side area targeted.


Carefully maintained - time saving!

We carry out all mowing work on the roadside green areas or embankments – professionally and with the help of powerful equipment such as our special mower equipment. Thanks to the built-in blower, the device immediately picks up the cut grass in the trailer. Another step in the removal of the crop is therefore not necessary – this saves time and relieves the traffic on the road. Due to the extraction of the crop, there are no blockages of the intake grates during heavy rainfall events. Alternatively, mulching work (without grass picking) can be carried out.

Mähgerät bei Mäharbeiten an straßenbegleitender Grünfläche
Schneeräumfahrzeug im Winter

Winter service

We clear the way - for more security!

For more than 30 years, we have been a reliable partner for the winter service of the surrounding communities.

With reliable staff, well-equipped vehicles and equipment, we are available for the professional snow clearing, spreading and snow removal. Even in the most difficult weather conditions, we do our job professionally.

Our services for you:

  • We inform and advise you in detail.
  • We consider your individual requirements.
  • We help you to choose the right procedure.
  • We guarantee the highest quality of execution.
  • We work reliably – rely on the expertise of our long-time employees!

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