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We can tell you a lot. About strengths. About innovation. About the know-how of our employees. Nothing underlines our quality standards better than those projects that we have successfully implemented. We are particularly proud of our good and long-standing customer relationships! Here you will find a selection of our top references. If you want to know more about a special project, contact us!

Aquabion® lime and corrosion protection

Installation AQUABION® - Ing. Thomas Bründl, CEO Starlim Spritzguss GmbH, Marchtrenk

“We were looking for an efficient, environmentally friendly and maintenance-free limescale protection system – the AQUABION® meets these requirements to our complete satisfaction in all areas where it is used by us. We will continue to rely on this system from the Rabmer Group for future projects!”

Installation AQUABION® - Helmut Platzer, owner of the Hotel „Bayrischer Hof“

“With AQUABION®, there are no problems with limescale and rust in our water pipes anymore. And our customers can continue to drink good water. It could not be better!”

Installation AQUABION® - Manfred Brandauer, Managing Director of the Kommunal Service „Salzburg Wohnbau“

“It’s unbelievable how well the AQUABION® works. To be honest, I was very skeptical at the beginning, but the result convinced me, because we do not only save a lot of costs but also increase customer satisfaction.”

Installation AQUABION® - Jörg Rigger, Managing Director of the Wohnbau 2000

“We’ve been using AQUABION® with us for almost 2 years, we are very pleased with the system and I highly recommend the AQUABION® as an effective lime and rust prevention system for water supply.”

Installation AQUABION® - Dr. Ing. D. Thomsik-Schröpfer, Siemens AG

“For years we have installed approximately 450 pcs. AQUABION® for protection against lime and rust in our water-cooled magnetic resonance tomographs. We are very satisfied with the products and service.”

Installation AQUABION® - Robert Brandner, Operations Manager BÄKO Linz

“With AQUABION® we were able to solve our corrosion and limescale problems to full satisfaction within a short time!”

Installation AQUABION® - Thomas Kahlen, Procter & Gamble Manufacturing

“The installation was a complete success that not only extended the life of the rolls but also significantly reduced the maintenance cost of the roll.”

AQUABION® - further references

More about the lime and corrosion protection AQUABION® and further references can be found here: www.aquabion.at

Water saving system for showers

ECOWATERJET - 4 star superior hotel Elisabeth

At the 4-star superior active and wellness hotel Elisabeth near Kitzbühel, everything revolves around feeling good. A cozy traditional interior, paired with the most modern comforts ensures special moments of relaxation and well-being and a “like home” feeling.

ECOWATERJET - 4 star superior Hotel Group Werzers

The 4-star superior hotel group Werzers, with its hotels Werzers Resort Pörtschach and Seehotel Werzers Wallerwirt, relies on innovative Austrian environmental technology with the water saving system from Rabmer, from which both the hotel and the guests as well as the environment benefit.

ECOWATERJET - 5 star Organic-Hotel Stanglwirt

The world-renowned Stanglwirt is an organic farm and a five-star wellness and luxury hotel in one and has been welcoming all guests for more than 400 years with authentic Tyrolean hospitality and a varied range of high-quality leisure, sports and recreation facilities.

ECOWATERJET - 5 star plus Hotel Castell Son Claret

Beautifully located at the foot of the UNESCO-protected Tramuntana Mountains, just 30 minutes from Palma, Castell Son Claret is a unique luxury hotel in Mallorca. The former castle is a very special retreat for its guests and is one of the Leading Hotels of the World.

ECOWATERJET - further references

More about the water saving system ECOWATERJET and further references can be found here: www.ecowaterjet.com

Energy from Wastewater

Stadtwerke GAV, Amstetten

Heating (186 kW) of the Amstetten municipal utility building with wastewater energy based on Thermliner (Uhrig). Realization in 2014.

Vienna Canal office building

Vienna Canal Blumental – heating (200 kW) and cooling (275 kW) with waste water energy based on Thermliner (Uhrig). Realization in 2017.

ENVIRON office building

Heating and cooling of an office building in Rheine (DE) with waste water energy
Operation with 110 kW power (400 kW potential) based on Thermliner
(Company Uhrig)

State Library Stuttgart

Stuttgart State Library – 90 kW heating and 225 kW cooling with waste water energy based on Thermliner
(Company Uhrig)

Military Hospital Budapest (HU)

Utilization of sewage heat from the sewer for heating and cooling buildings
3.8 MW heating or 3.2 MW cooling capacity with innovative tube bundle HE and heat pump
(Thermowatt Kft.)

Project study senior citizens' home Arnsberg (DE)

Use sewer sewage for building heating
150 kW heating output with Therm-Liner heat exchanger and heat pump

Joh. Kepler University Hospital Linz

Use of canteen waste water heat for preheating fresh water
50 kW plate heat exchanger with integrated self-cleaning

Vertiliner® manhole lining

VERTILINER® - shaft lining masonry shaft

VERTILINER® - shaft lining square shaft

VERTILINER® - shaft lining blind shaft

VERTILINER® - shaft lining round shaft

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