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We can tell you a lot. About strengths. About innovation. About the know-how of our employees. Nothing underlines our quality standards better than those projects that we have successfully implemented. We are particularly proud of our good and long-standing customer relationships! Here you will find a selection of our top references. If you want to know more about a special project, contact us!

Aquabion® lime and corrosion protection

Installation AQUABION® - Helmut Platzer, owner of the Hotel „Bayrischer Hof“

“With AQUABION®, there are no problems with limescale and rust in our water pipes anymore. And our customers can continue to drink good water. It could not be better!”

Installation AQUABION® - Manfred Brandauer, Managing Director of the Kommunal Service „Salzburg Wohnbau“

“It’s unbelievable how well the AQUABION® works. To be honest, I was very skeptical at the beginning, but the result convinced me, because we do not only save a lot of costs but also increase customer satisfaction.”

Installation AQUABION® - Jörg Rigger, Managing Director of the Wohnbau 2000

“We’ve been using AQUABION® with us for almost 2 years, we are very pleased with the system and I highly recommend the AQUABION® as an effective lime and rust prevention system for water supply.”

Installation AQUABION® - Dr. Ing. D. Thomsik-Schröpfer, Siemens AG

“For years we have installed approximately 450 pcs. AQUABION® for protection against lime and rust in our water-cooled magnetic resonance tomographs. We are very satisfied with the products and service.”

Installation AQUABION® - Robert Brandner, Operations Manager BÄKO Linz

“With AQUABION® we were able to solve our corrosion and limescale problems to full satisfaction within a short time!”

Installation AQUABION® - Thomas Kahlen, Procter & Gamble Manufacturing

“The installation was a complete success that not only extended the life of the rolls but also significantly reduced the maintenance cost of the roll.”

AQUABION® - further references

More about the lime and corrosion protection AQUABION® and further references can be found here: www.aquabion.at

Ecoturbino® water saving system

ECOTURBINO® – Bauakademie, OÖ


ECOTURBINO® - Hotel Zauchenseehof, Salzburg


ECOTURBINO® - Harry’s Home Hotel, Linz


ECOTURBINO® - Johannes Kepler Heim, Linz


ECOTURBINO® - Boutique Hotel Stadthalle, Vienna


ECOTURBINO® - Eurotherme, Bad Schallerbach


ECOTURBINO® - further references

More about the water saving system ECOTURBINO and further references can be found here: www.ecoturbino.com

Vertiliner® manhole lining

VERTILINER® - shaft lining masonry shaft

VERTILINER® - shaft lining square shaft

VERTILINER® - shaft lining blind shaft

VERTILINER® - shaft lining round shaft

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