AQUABION Mini + AQUABION Mini W – limescale protection SET

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The small limescale protection system with great effect for the shower!

  • prevents obstinately limescale on the shower head and surfaces
  • perfect shower jet, as the nozzles no longer calcify
  • quick and easy cleaning of fittings, tiles or shower walls without the use of chemical cleaning agents
  • quick installation
  • suitable for all common shower fittings

The innovative lime and corrosion protection AQUABION is also available as a complete solution for your entire house. Reliably protects pipes, fittings and household appliances from limescale and rust without the use of chemicals, electricity or magnets while maintaining the natural quality of drinking water.

If you are looking for a solution for your entire house, then contact us directly: Contact us now!

AQUABION – the lime and corrosion protection for natural drinking water –

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With the proven lime and corrosion protection system AQUABION, Rabmer offers the solution against limescale deposits and corrosion damage completely without the use of chemicals, salt or electricity. Furthermore, the system is maintenance-free. The AQUABION doesn’t decalcify the water, but prevents the adhesion of the lime by using the patented zinc sacrificial anode technology, thus stabilizing the water hardness in a natural way. More information under


Technical details

  • Product weight: 179 g
  • Product weight including packaging: 220 g
  • Product dimensions (total L x Ø in mm): 72 x 27
  • Surface: chromed brass