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Press photos

On this page you can download our product images free of charge, we only ask you to name the copyright.

Brief information on the Rabmer Group

The Rabmer Group was founded in 1963 and has been managed by Ulrike Rabmer-Koller in the 2nd generation since 2002. The company is active in the fields of environmental technology, construction and real estate as well as municipal services and generates a turnover of EUR 18 million with 110 employees.

We can look back on a long history, have a solid foundation and continue to develop consistently. We combine tradition with ongoing innovation, regional roots with international success and are characterized by quality, expertise, innovative solutions, flexibility and absolute reliability.

Ms. Ulrike Rabmer Koller
Managing Partner


Logo Rabmer Group

Logo Rabmer Greentech

Logo Rabmer and Riener

AQUABION - Lime and corrosion protection

Logo Aquabion

Product Key Visual Aquabion

Image picture faucet

Cutaway model Aquabion H20

Cutaway model Aquabion F50

Aquabion Mini

Image of calcified pipes

ECOWATERJET by RABMER - Saving water and energy

Ecowaterjet logo

Image picture Ecowaterjet hands

Image picture shower head

Ecowaterjet installation ©HSH-Installatör

Side view Ecowaterjet

Federal Ecolabel ©BMNT

TÜV Logo ©TÜV Austria

Ulrike Rabmer-Koller with Ecowaterjet

Water treatment and disinfection

Filter system 1

Filter system 2

Image picture filter system

Image picture hand shower

Image picture hand washing

Image picture water wave

Energy from wastewater

Image of a smoking manhole cover

Energy from wastewater plant

Energy from wastewater in the sewer

Energy from wastewater plant

Image image system

VERTILINER - Shaft lining

Vertiline view from below

Access channel incl. vertiliner

Installation Vertiliner 1

Installation Vertiliner 2

Crane installation support