Lime and corrosion protection

AQUABION - The environmentally friendly lime and corrosion protection for residential buildings, hotels and industry.

Reliably protects pipes, fittings, household appliances and production facilities from limescale and rust without the use of chemicals, electricity or magnets while maintaining the natural drinking water quality. A tried and tested system for private households, residential buildings, industry and commerce for over 15 years. More than 500,000 AQUABION units sold throughout Europe testify to the quality of the product. Our limescale protection is available for a single-family home at an uncomplicated all-inclusive price with a satisfaction guarantee!

What are the benefits of AQUABION?

  • You prevent pipe damage
    AQUABION has a strong effect against limescale deposits or removes and prevents rust formation.
  • They increase the flow rate of old, calcified pipes
    As the existing limescale deposits are continuously removed, the flow rate increases by up to 20 percent in the first year.
  • They protect household appliances and industrial systems
    AQUABION significantly increases the service life of shower heads, taps, kettles, washing machines, heat exchangers, cooling water systems, etc.
  • You drink good tasting water
    The natural drinking water with the minerals calcium and magnesium, which are important for your health, remains in its original form.
  • You save energy
    Reduced limescale deposits help you save energy - because 1 mm less limescale in the pipes means 10 percent less energy required for hot water production.
  • You protect the environment
    AQUABION uses the galvanic principle of action and therefore requires no chemicals, no electricity and no additional water for rinsing etc.

How AQUABION works

AQUABION is particularly effective and environmentally friendly thanks to its tested and proven zinc sacrificial anode technology. Zinc ions are released into the water, which form seed crystals and thus actively change the molecular structure of the limescale. This makes it non-sticky!

  • Without salt, chemicals, electricity and magnets
  • No maintenance required
  • Package price from € 1.750,- with money-back guarantee
  • Replacement of the device after 6-8 years at half price

Our services for you:

  • Our experts will provide you with detailed information on the subject of limescale and corrosion protection.
  • We can help you choose the right AQUABION model.
  • We will support you in finding a specialist installer for the correct installation of your AQUABION.
  • You will be put in touch with people and companies who are already using the AQUABION.
  • We are there for you - and answer your questions (price, type selection, installation partner, etc.)

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