Working on the balcony of Linz - in the Rabmer Workspace

Rent your all-inclusive office now with fast internet, traffic-free access and parking right outside the door!

Rent your furnished space for productivity, creativity & innovation with fast internet and complete infrastructure.
Enjoy your regional workspace - your out-of-home office not far from home - without the daily stress of traffic jams and parking on your doorstep. The Rabmer Workspace is your alternative to the classic office with an additional environmental and network factor. You can rent your lockable and furnished individual office for an all-inclusive price from € 240 per month including operating costs, parking and infrastructure (plus VAT).


What does the Rabmer Workspace offer?

The Rabmer Workspace is more than just a company address, and also offers

  • Lockable and furnished offices in various sizes
  • Complete infrastructure, such as high-speed Internet, kitchen, meeting room, sanitary facilities
  • Free parking in front of the door
  • Exchange with experts from national and international companies and possible cooperation opportunities

Who is the Rabmer Workspace suitable for?

For companies that

  • are looking for a furnished office with complete infrastructure and fast Internet
  • want to get out of the home office and yet not work far from home.
  • want space for meetings with customers
  • prefer a quiet working atmosphere
  • want to save themselves the daily trip to Linz

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