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Energy from exhaust air
Save energy with innovative heat and cold recovery!

Reduce energy consumption in ventilation systems by up to 85%!

Recovering heat and cold and thus reducing energy costs and protecting the environment - we plan and implement highly efficient new systems, optimize your existing air conditioning and ventilation systems as well as heating and cooling systems and thus reduce energy consumption by up to 85%.

Utilization of energy from exhaust air

Hot and cold exhaust air from air conditioning and ventilation systems represents an enormous energy potential that often remains unused. By using innovative heat exchangers, if necessary also in conjunction with heat pumps, this energy can be efficiently and economically introduced into the existing heating and cooling circuit. Accordingly, the use of exhaust air energy should also be taken into account in all new systems in order to achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption, operating costs and CO2 emissions. A win-win situation for the system operator and the environment!

Rabmer relies on APESS

By using the innovative APESS system, we offer our customers highly efficient solutions for reducing energy consumption by up to 85%. The following approaches are pursued:

  • System analysis and solution concept with detailed energy balance for the entire system
  • Utilization of exhaust air heat through recirculation into the heat circuit
  • Use of dehumidification cooling and return to the cooling circuit
  • Demand-driven use of heat pumps for heating and cooling production
  • Use of APESS energy management system for optimized control of cooling and heat generation
  • Use of optimized supply/exhaust air heat exchanger systems, individually for your system

We support you right from the start and accompany you through to commissioning.

We also use APESS® to simulate the energy costs (cooling, heating, humidification) of your building in advance, i.e. during the planning phase. It depicts a wide variety of energy curves and provides information on expected costs with above-average accuracy. A perfect basis for good investment decisions!

In which application areas are we active?

  • Hotels, student residences, health resorts
  • Office buildings and production halls
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Shopping centers, etc.

Our services for you:

  • We look for the best technology for your project.
  • We carry out a feasibility analysis for you and calculate the cost-effectiveness.
  • We take care of the detailed planning, basic and detailed engineering and project implementation through to commissioning with external partners.

We are happy to advise you

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Head of Energy from Exhaust Air
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