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Innovative water and energy-saving system for the shower
Save up to 50% water with 100% showering comfort

Save water and energy with full showering comfort

With the innovative ecowaterjet® from Rabmer

Around a third of the total water consumption in households, hotels and sports facilities is used for showers and personal hygiene alone - a huge amount! This is where saving pays off. However, conventional economy shower heads have one major disadvantage: less water also means less showering comfort. With our patented technology, we have the solution - a small turbine, which can be installed quickly and easily by anyone, generates a highly turbulent mixture of water and air, which saves up to 50% water and energy and therefore also costs - without reducing the intensity of the shower jet.

Reduce water consumption, save energy and cut operating costs.

Hot water consumption - primarily in showers but also in hand basins - causes high energy, water and waste water costs, especially in the hotel industry. Added to this are the high requirements of ESG and taxonomy. Rabmer's water-saving system is the perfect answer to these challenges and enables you to reduce costs efficiently and achieve taxonomy targets - all without any loss of comfort and with 100% showering comfort for guests. Rabmer's mini turbine for the shower can be easily and quickly installed by anyone & generates a highly turbulent water-air mixture, which saves up to 50 percent water and energy and therefore also costs - with 100 percent showering pleasure. You can easily find out how much water, energy and costs you can save by installing our system with the help of our savings calculator!

That's why you should use the Rabmer water and energy saving system:

You save water and energy
With the innovative mini turbine from Rabmer, you can save up to four buckets of water per shower. This means that water and energy consumption is reduced by up to 50 percent.

You reduce your costs
With Rabmer's innovative mini-turbine, a four-person household saves around 400 euros/year, while a business hotel with 100 rooms saves around 13,000 euros/year on energy, drinking water and sewerage costs.

You enjoy a high level of showering comfort
Thanks to the addition of air, the water jet with the innovative mini turbine from Rabmer feels just as strong as before - you won't notice any difference!

They ensure hygiene
The strong turbulence of the water keeps the shower hose and shower head free of deposits and biofilm. The risk of germ formation and legionella is reduced.

You protect the environment
Less energy consumption also means that less CO2 is released. A household with four people saves around 500 kg of CO2 per year with Rabmer's innovative mini-turbine, while a business hotel with 100 rooms saves around 19 tons of CO2.

You are using a tested system
The innovative mini turbine from Rabmer was developed in Austria. Independent experts and TÜV Austria have tested and confirmed its function. In addition, Rabmer's innovative mini turbine has been awarded the Federal Ecolabel.

This is how our innovative mini-turbine works:

The mini turbine is screwed into the fitting in front of the shower hose - quickly and easily.
By narrowing the diameter in the form of a funnel, the water inside is greatly accelerated. This creates a vacuum, which causes air to be sucked in via a bypass and mixed with the water.
This increases the volume of the highly turbulent, air-enriched water.
Despite a water reduction of up to 50 percent, the comfort of showering is maintained.
The powerful water jet also cleans the shower hose and shower head: the mini turbine prevents deposits and biofilm from forming in the shower hose or shower head. The risk of germ formation and legionella is reduced.

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