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Pipe renovation and testing technology
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Pipe renovation and testing technology

Pipelines are at risk from deposits, age and corrosion. Leaky joints, ingrowing roots and cracks pose an environmental hazard or a loss of important raw materials. We offer modern solutions for trenchless rehabilitation.

Pipe renovation

In the field of trenchless pipe rehabilitation, we offer a range of technologies that enable us to carry out rehabilitation projects for public and private pipeline network operators quickly, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. Different rehabilitation methods are used depending on the project requirements. Benefit from the advantages of trenchless pipe rehabilitation:

  • Short project times & high efficiency
  • Protection of above-ground and underground infrastructure
  • Extensive avoidance of traffic disruptions
  • Low noise and dust nuisance for residents
  • Active environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions
  • Restoration of a functional pipeline for the coming decades
Workers during pipe renovation
Pressure pipe renovation

Pressure pipe renovation

The rehabilitation of pressure pipes requires special know-how and technologies. Rabmer offers a comprehensive solution for all problems relating to defective pressure pipes from DN 150 mm - DN 1200 mm using the following methods:

  • Tube liner by means of water & steam curing
  • Primus-Line for transport lines
  • Close-Fit Lining
  • Burst lining
  • Pipe relining (short and long pipe)

Renovation of house connections

We also focus on the renovation of house connections. Here, we offer various rehabilitation methods that can be used to repair a wide range of damage, from root ingrowth and pipe displacement to broken pipes and defective house connection nozzles.

  • Milling robot
  • Pipe liner process DN 100-300
  • Pipe replacement in open construction method
  • Controlled new installation

Testing technology

The basis for assessing the condition and subsequent renovation is a professional inspection and testing of the pipes and shafts. We carry out the following services using state-of-the-art equipment and technologies:

  • Cleaning
  • TV inspection
  • Manhole inspection & maintenance
  • Water flow & temperature measurement
  • Pressure test
  • Leak detection

Pipe cleaning

Pipe inspection

Our specialists use high-resolution TV cameras to inspect the pipes. They use their own trolleys and state-of-the-art camera, color, swivel head and scanning technologies. The trolleys are controlled via cables with a maximum length of 500 m.

Pipe cleaning

We clean gravity and pressure pipes and remove deposits, incrustations and corrosion inside the pipe. We offer various methods for this:

  • Pig cleaning
  • Air-water flushing
  • High-pressure flushing

Grease protection in the duct

The innovative BKR grease solvent from Rabmer is based on tested, natural substances that break down fats and oils and remove them via the waste water. Read more: Grease protection in the sewer


HR dishwashing trolley for pipe cleaning

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