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Municipal services
Reliable, competent, uncomplicated

Strong in the municipal sector - since 1978

The Rabmer Group offers you a wide range of municipal services. We have been working for local authorities and road maintenance companies since 1978 - in partnership, flexibly and with state-of-the-art technologies.

Excavator and truck during trench clearing

Trench clearing

Fast & uncomplicated - thanks to innovative appliance technology

Regular ditch clearing and verge maintenance makes a significant contribution to maintaining the roads and reduces damage-related follow-up costs. This allows water to run off the sides of paths and roads and prevents frost heave and aquaplaning.

We offer you fast and solution-oriented verge maintenance and trench clearing thanks to innovative equipment technology. Our modern special machine can handle these tasks with a favorable cost/performance ratio. We use machines with different working widths to remove the verge. Removal can be carried out in different thicknesses and depths, in the area of the crash barriers and to the left and right in the direction of travel. The material is then loaded onto trucks and transported away. It is also possible to specifically remove the verge soil in the side area.

Mowing work

Carefully maintained - time saved!

We carry out all mowing work on roadside green areas or embankments - professionally and with the help of powerful equipment such as our MULAG SB 500 mower. The built-in blower allows the machine to immediately pick up the cut grass into the trailer. A further work step to remove the mowed material is therefore not necessary - this saves time and relieves the burden on ongoing road traffic. Thanks to the suction of the mowed material, there is no blockage of the inlet grates during heavy rainfall events. Mulching work (without grass collection) can also be carried out as an option.

Mower for mowing work on roadside green areas
Snow clearing vehicle in winter

Winter service

We clear the way - with safety!

For over 30 years, we have also been a reliable partner for winter services in the surrounding communities.

With reliable workers, well-equipped vehicles and equipment, we are available for professional snow clearing, gritting and snow removal. We carry out our work professionally even in the most difficult weather conditions.

Shaft frame renovation

Uncomplicated, fast, innovative

With an average rehabilitation time of one hour or less, our manhole frame rehabilitation method makes it possible to raise or lower manhole covers that are "growing out" or are "too deep" without breaking the surface.

Even if the manhole frame sits directly on the cone, it is possible to lower the frame. The grouting material hardens quickly, does not shrink and is resistant to frost and de-icing salt. This results in long-lasting renovation success.

Take advantage of the benefits:

  • Sloping & asphalting work is no longer necessary
  • The surface is not damaged
  • Long-lasting renovation success
  • Very fast procedure (average duration: max. one hour)
  • Hardly any dust and/or noise pollution
  • The grouting material is early strength, non-shrink, frost and de-icing salt resistant
Two workers during shaft frame renovation

Our services for you:

  • We will inform and advise you in detail.
  • We take your individual requirements into account.
  • We will help you choose the right procedure.
  • We guarantee the highest quality in execution.
  • We work reliably - put your trust in the expertise of our long-standing employees!

We are happy to advise you

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Head of Municipal Services
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