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Innovative environmental technologies for the hotel industry

The Rabmer Group has been active in the field of environmental technologies for over 30 years and has set itself the goal of conserving resources and using them efficiently. This has resulted in a broad product range with a focus on renewable energies as well as water and energy efficiency, including innovative technologies with which the Rabmer Group helps national and international customers to implement sustainable measures. The hotel industry in particular benefits from the many solutions and can thus achieve their ESG goals, meet taxonomy requirements, reduce operating costs and maintain guest comfort at the highest level.

The Rabmer Group's portfolio for the hotel industry includes the following products:

ECOWATERJET® - water and energy saving system for the shower

Showers and washbasins in particular consume a lot of water and energy, which in turn results in high costs. With the patented ECOWATERJET system, you can save up to 50% energy and water - without any loss of comfort for your guests. At the same time, you also reduce yourCO2 emissions and the costs for electricity and gas. A hotel with 100 rooms can save around 1.5 million liters of water, 60,000 kWh of energy and € 13,000 per year with ECOWATERJET. The savings are so high that the investment pays for itself after just a few months. Incidentally, you can easily find out your own savings potential using the online savings calculator at www.ecowaterjet.com.

The advantages of ECOWATERJET:

  • Reduced the water flow rate to 6 l/min for showers and 5 l/min for hand basins
  • All this WITHOUT any loss of comfort for your guests
  • reduces water and energy consumption by up to 50%
  • Reduces energy costs sustainably
  • uncomplicated installation, also suitable for low-flow shower heads to reduce from 9 to 6 l/min
  • Rapid amortization period of around 4 months
  • ECOWATERJET is already saving water and energy at: Falkensteiner Group, Marriott Frankfurt, Sheraton Tel Aviv, Valamar Group, Marugal Group, Nixe Palace/Santos Group, Best Western Hotels ...

More about the ECOWATERJET at www.ecowaterjet.com





AQUABION is an efficient and environmentally friendly corrosion and limescale protection product. It reliably protects pipes, fittings, household appliances and production facilities without the use of chemicals, electricity or magnets, while maintaining the natural quality of drinking water. Based on the patented zinc sacrificial anode technology, AQUABION is now used by more than 400,000 users throughout Europe.

The advantages of AQUABION:

  • Natural corrosion and limescale protection
  • Protects pipelines and appliances
  • Reduces the cleaning effort in the hotel room
  • Largely maintenance-free, without ongoing operating costs
  • Good-tasting, healthy water for hotel guests
  • Improved hygiene in the pipelines
  • AQUABION has many satisfied customers and protects the Hotel Bayrischer Hof, the 5* Bio- und Wellnesshotel Stanglwirt, the K+K Hotels in Vienna and Budapest, the Portomar Apartments complex or the 5* Nixe Palace on Mallorca from limescale and corrosion.

More about the Aquabion at www.aquabion.at




To date, almost exclusivelyCO2-critical energy sources have been used for heating, cooling and hot water preparation. Wastewater energy is a sustainable alternative: wastewater, which has so far been largely unused, is available as a renewable energy source all year round, around the clock and regionally. Up to 14% of the required heat demand could be covered by wastewater as an energy source. Added to this is the enormous and steadily increasing demand for cooling, which can also be generated from wastewater energy. This makes an important contribution to the decarbonization of the heating sector and at the same time creates independence from gas and oil.

The advantages of energy from wastewater:

  • is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • regional & independent
  • for heating, cooling and hot water preparation
  • reducesCO2 emissions and operating costs
  • Short amortization periods
  • supported by the Climate Fund
  • Realized project: New Vienna Canal Central Blumental with 495 MWh/a heating and 200 MWh/a cooling
  • Project being implemented: VIO Plaza Vienna with 1x 1.2 MW heating capacity and 3x 2 MW cooling capacity

More energy from wastewater at www.energie-aus-abwasser.at



Not only waste water is suitable as an energy source, the heat from exhaust air from ventilation systems also offers enormous energy potential: by using innovative heat exchangers, if necessary also in combination with heat pumps, this energy can be efficiently and economically fed into the existing heating and cooling cycle. This can lead to a significant reduction in energy consumption, operating costs andCO2 emissions.

The advantages of energy from exhaust air:

  • Use of exhaust air from ventilation systems
  • saves up to 80% in energy and costs
  • innovative technologies
  • Particularly suitable for hotels, spas, hospitals, office buildings and shopping centers



Together with our suppliers, we plan and build systems for specific water treatment requirements. Depending on requirements, we also use turnkey container solutions, which have proven particularly successful for customers in the industrial, hotel and municipal sectors as well as for aid organizations.

Our offer:

  • Filter systems, e.g. for the removal of manganese, iron or arsenic from drinking water
  • Reverse osmosis systems, e.g. for nitrate and arsenic removal from drinking water, well water or pure and ultrapure water treatment for hospitals, laboratories, etc.
  • Ultra- and nanofiltration systems, e.g. for the removal of turbidity and pathogens.
  • UV disinfection systems based on LED technology for small applications (up to 0.9 m3/h)
  • Hydrophysical water treatment (sterilization) for cooling and process water applications (up to 51 m3/h)


The maintenance and cleaning of grease separators causes high costs and in most cases requires the use of chemicals. In addition, problems often arise with the sewer operator if the limit values for grease and oil (lipophilic substances) and the pH value cannot be complied with. Last but not least, unpleasant odors also arise for employees and, in extreme cases, for guests. The innovative BKR grease solvent is based on tested, natural substances that break down fats and oils and remove them via the waste water.

The advantages of grease trap cleaning on a natural basis:

  • Reduction in cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Compliance with limit values in wastewater (e.g. pH value, lipophilic substances)
  • Elimination of odor nuisance
  • Extended service life of grease separator housing due to reduced corrosion

Our services for you:

  • We look for the best technology for your project.
  • We carry out a feasibility analysis for you and calculate the cost-effectiveness.
  • We take care of the detailed planning, basic and detailed engineering and project implementation through to commissioning with external partners.

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