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March 22 is the day of water: with innovation from Austria water saving

March 22 is the day of water: with innovation from Austria water saving

ECOTURBINO® water saving system for the shower essential contribution to water efficiency and environmental protection

The world population is growing and with it the need for water. In the past, water scarcity was limited to the dry belts of the earth or southern regions, but nowadays this problem is increasingly occurring in regions that have hitherto been regarded as rich in water.

The results of a study conducted by the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna in 2016 show that water can also be scarce in Austria and lead to bottlenecks in the coming years. The main reason for this is not just the lack of available water, but an inefficient use of the vital raw material. The chronic problems include, for example, the waste of water due to leaking pipes, pumps and valves, the inefficient use in agricultural irrigation, but also the extremely high water requirements of daily showers in the homes of western countries. This proves e.g. a study by the Ministry of Life in November 2010, where the need for daily showering is at an absolute peak. So the average European consumes around 45 liters1) of water a day in the shower, and the trend is rising!

The Rabmer Group, headquartered in Altenberg near Linz, has been dealing with “Water and Energy Efficiency” for a long time and is a pioneer in this area with innovative technologies – from water loss analysis, water treatment, wastewater utilization to reducing water consumption ,

For more than a year, Rabmer has been marketing the ECOTURBINO® water-saving system for the shower, saving an average of 36% of water without compromising on comfort while increasing hygiene in the shower by preventing biofilm formation and build-up in the shower hose and shower head. “The ECOTURBINO® stands for water and energy efficiency and fits perfectly into our product portfolio. With the recent award of the Austrian Ecolabel for this product, we show that the ECOTURBINO® meets the highest quality standards and makes a significant contribution to reducing water consumption and protecting our environment “, explains Mag. Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, Managing Partner of the Rabmer group. “We see great potential for the ECOTURBINO®, especially in regions where water efficiency is becoming increasingly important.

For this reason, we have meanwhile also started international sales and focus primarily on users in the hotel industry, health institutions, private households or sports facilities. In the medium term, with 100,000 units sold, we see annual water savings of approx. 17 billion liters, combined with a resulting annual reduction in CO2 emissions of approx. 220,000 tons, the ECOTURBINO® is a very efficient, economical and customer-friendly environmental protection technology, “concludes Rabmer-Koller.

The Rabmer Group was founded 53 years ago, currently employs around 100 people and generated sales of EUR 15.4 million in 2015. The family-owned company is run by the 100% owner Mag. Ulrike Rabmer-Koller in the 2nd generation For more than 30 years now, the tradition of construction has been making significant contributions to sustainable, innovative technologies in the field of water, wastewater and renewable energy.