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AQUABION Lime and corrosion protection in the shopping center in Hallein

Even with soft water, it can lead to massive lime problems! This happened at a shopping center in Hallein, where the AQUABION found a quick and efficient solution.

Location: EKZ Hallein near Salzburg – due to massive limescale deposits on heat exchangers and filters, the piping system must be opened and cleaned every 6 weeks. This leads on the one hand to high costs, on the other hand to constant customer complaints. Installers and planners would like to use ion exchanger systems in such cases to descale the water. In the concrete case that was not possible, why? The urban drinking water already has a very low degree of hardness of only 8.7 ° dH and further decalcification is thus not effective or would most likely lead to increased corrosion problems in the piping system.

Our installer partner – Schneeweiß from St. Georgen im Attergau – therefore offered AQUABION® as a solution. The installation took place in November 2016 and the success was not long in coming! After 6 weeks of operation with AQUABION®, a first inspection was carried out and the built-in screens and filters as well as heat exchangers were completely free of calcium deposits. The second inspection at the end of January 2017 also showed a completely clean, lime-free piping system. In the meantime, the AQUABION has been in use for almost half a year and there are still no problems in the water supply system.

“It’s unbelievable how well the AQUABION® works. To be honest, I was very skeptical at the beginning, but the result convinced me, because we not only save enormous costs but also increase the customer satisfaction of our tenants. In any case, we will soon be equipping other properties with the AQUABION®, “reports Managing Director Manfred Brandauer.

We would like to thank our installation partner Schneeweiss (www.schneeweiss-team.at) for their excellent cooperation and project implementation.

More about the AQUABION® and other success stories can be found at www.aquabion.at or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/aquabionkalkschutz!