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Get a taste of construction at the 2021 Altenberg vacation game

30 children visited us on Friday as part of the Altenberg vacation games. The youngsters were able to get a taste of all our divisions and experience the exciting and varied world of construction up close.

Equipped with uniform T-shirts, child-sized work gloves and cool caps, the children started the morning in small groups. The Rabmer team prepared a total of five different stations for the children. A task had to be solved at each station: The first task was to build a functioning pipe system based on a picture template. All the groups passed the final test to see whether the water filled in really did find its way through the pipes with flying colors. Then it was on to the wood construction area, where colorful crown caps were assembled with hammers and nails to form a picture that now adorns the hall. Then it was on to the first highlight: driving the excavator. After an explanation of the excavator's functions, each child was allowed to take a seat on the excavator and operate the shovel independently. This was immediately followed by the next highlight: driving a forklift truck through a set-up course and placing and loading pallets. At the last station, precision was required: together with one of our site managers, a small house was built out of bricks - including a window, from which the final photo was taken.

"It's great to see the curiosity and motivation with which the children approached the individual tasks. I am delighted that we were able to awaken their enthusiasm for technical trades with this campaign. The kids have a wide range of talents that will hopefully lead them back to us in the future. The entire Rabmer team is already looking forward to next year's vacation game," says Managing Director Ulrike Rabmer-Koller.