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The sustainable Christmas present: ECOTURBINO®

This year, give the ECOTURBINO® as a sustainable Christmas present that will bring real joy: because it saves operating costs, because it is good for the environment - and because showering becomes a real feeling of well-being!

ECOTURBINO® saves water & energy - without any loss of comfort!

The ECOTURBINO® is a small "turbine" that can be quickly and easily screwed into the fitting in front of the shower hose by anyone. The patented technology creates a highly turbulent mixture of water and air, which saves around 36% water and energy and therefore also costs - without reducing the intensity of the shower jet. This is unique and is now available to you at a special price* .

3 good reasons to give the ECOTURBINO® as a Christmas present:

  • Environmentally friendly! The ECOTURBINO® saves up to 40 liters of (hot) water per shower. Water and energy consumption is reduced by around 36% , reducing annual CO2 emissions by 0.5 tons for a 4-person household !
  • Economical! With the ECOTURBINO® , a household (with 4 people) saves around 240 euros per year!
  • Long-lasting! A gift that will give your customers and employees many years of pleasure. Stay in good memory!

*CHRISTMAS OFFER: You too can save now! Are you interested? Then contact us on 07230 / 7213 - 74, or send us an e-mail to greentech@rabmer.at.

We look forward to hearing from you!