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Pichlarn Castle does it - saving water with the ECOTURBINO®

The ECOTURBINO®, the only water-saving system for showers where the shower jet and shower comfort remain the same, is the new must-have for hotels.


The dreamlike Schloss Pichlarn in Styria impresses with its high level of comfort, luxurious furnishings and quality down to the last detail. With 110 showers throughout the house, the operating costs are naturally considerable. This was one of the reasons why energy and water-saving options were sought. But the thought of future generations and the preservation of the nature surrounding the castle also prompted a rethink. "At Schloss Pichlarn, we focus on the highest quality for our guests. That's why we opted for the ECOTURBINO®. This technology enables us to make a contribution to environmental and climate protection through massive water savings and at the same time offer our guests maximum comfort," says Seiringer about Rabmer's water and energy-saving hero.

Convincing result

Thanks to the ECOTURBINO® water and energy saving system, Schloss Pichlarn can reduce water consumption by 1,900m3and energy consumption by a total of 79,000 kWh. This means an annual reduction in operating costs of € 10,000. This result is convincing!

Here you can find more information about our innovative ECOTURBINO water-saving system.

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Richard Schabetsberger