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St. Florian Abbey relies on AQUABION® lime and corrosion protection

The famous St. Florian Abbey is switching to a sustainable and effective solution to combat limescale and corrosion problems. No easy undertaking in centuries-old walls.

The world-famous St. Florian Abbey, which dates back to the Baroque period, had to solve major problems caused by galvanized pipes that were over 30 years old. The pipes, which were affected by internal corrosion, were struggling with the highly calcareous water in the region (18°dH), which resulted in typical limescale deposits in the pipes and in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Our specialists recommended the installation of an AQUABION® AB-H40 and an AB-H25 for the reasons just mentioned. The two systems were installed as a parallel connection in the central cold water pipe for the entire pen immediately after the air vessel.

Provost Johann Holzinger is delighted: "We are very satisfied with the AQUABION® lime and corrosion protection from the Rabmer Group. The water in Sankt Florian is very calcareous. That's why we always had an issue with limescale deposits and rusty water due to the old galvanized pipes. In February 2019, we decided to install an Aquabion in the main water pipe of our monastery. Since then, we no longer have any limescale or rusty water. The limescale is very easy to remove. Another positive aspect is that the taste of the water hasn't changed - it still tastes very good."

No deposits have been detected on the new fittings installed during the renovation work since AQUABION® was installed. It should therefore be noted that AQUABION® is a very good alternative to conventional descaling systems, especially for listed buildings, as it solves existing problems in old pipes and protects against new ones.

Further information on AQUABION® limescale and corrosion protection.

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