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The BÄKO relies on AQUABION®

Brown water from rusted pipes is finally history thanks to our sustainable and effective lime and corrosion protection.

Problem definition

Older buildings usually have galvanized pipes instead of the modern plastic pipes, but this can lead to massive problems. The internal corrosion in BÄKO’s galvanised pipelines, for example, was so severe that it led to brown water leaking from the sanitary facilities.

Technical data

In order to avoid a complete replacement of the pipelines, the AQUABION® was installed in the cold and warm water circulation pipe. Thus the corrosion problem should be eliminated and such a big investment should be avoided.

Convincing result

Already 2.5 months after the installation of our system the corrosion problem was eliminated and in the water analyses commissioned by the customer all germ and bacteria values were below the limit values. Plant manager Brandner is extremely pleased: “The use of chemical dosing systems was not considered on our part, if AQUABION® had not worked, we would have switched to a complete replacement of the piping. To our surprise, however, with the help of AQUABION® we were able to solve our corrosion and lime problems to our complete satisfaction within a short time!

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