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The Upper Austrian BAUAKADEMIE relies on Environmental Technologies by Rabmer

Saving water and energy as well as natural lime and corrosion protection are major topics at the Upper Austrian BAUAkademie with regard to climate protection and CO2 neutrality.

The Upper Austrian BAUAkademie serves as a training centre for the construction industry and as a third pillar in the tripartite building apprenticeship training. This approach, which goes beyond the classic model of vocational school and in-company training, makes the austrian worker’s training an international model and thus strengthens the reputation of the austrian construction industry in Europe and the world.

The Upper Austrian BAUAkademie has set itself the goal of becoming CO2 neutral and has already implemented a number of measures such as the conversion to a woodchip heating system and the installation of a photovoltaic system. A further topic, the hot water consumption, was tackled this year. The Bauakademie also has a hotel in which a total of 115 guests can stay overnight. Daily showers consume a lot of hot water and therefore a large amount of energy, in order to counteract this, the ECOTURBINO® water and energy saving system was installed in all showers. With the patented “Mini-Turbine” it was possible to reduce the water and energy consumption during showers by 36% while maintaining the same showering comfort for the guests.

In addition, the BAUAkademie also wanted an environmentally friendly alternative for its lime problem and decided to replace the old chemical plants and install the AQUABION® lime and corrosion protector. The system is maintenance-free and functions completely without chemicals, salt, magnets or electricity – based on the proven zinc sacrificial anode technology. Zinc ions are thus released into the water, making the lime neutral in terms of adhesion. However, the valuable minerals calcium and magnesium are left in the water and thus the good taste of the drinking water is maintained. More than 200.000 installed AQUABION® systems throughout Europe testify the quality of the product.

“We are enthusiastic about the results of the ECOTURBINO® water and energy saving system as well as the AQUABION® lime and corrosion protector by Rabmer. We save operating cost and are pleased to get closer to our goal – which is to become CO2 neutral” the managing director of the BAUakademie Upper Austria Harlad Kopececk, MBA states.

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