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ECOTURBINO savings calculator for hoteliers

Saving water and reducing energy costs is now an important issue for many hotels. The big challenge is to maintain a high level of comfort for guests. Water consumption is above average, especially in showers. There are already a large number of water reducers for showers on the market, but these usually result in lower water jet pressure and therefore a massive loss of comfort for guests.

With the Austrian invention ECOTURBINO, the Rabmer Group offers a simple and efficient solution: hotel businesses can save more than a third of water and energy costs when showering, protect the environment and at the same time maintain a high level of comfort for guests. "With the patented technology, air is sucked in through a small opening and mixed and swirled with water. The shower jet is almost as strong as before with less water consumption and the hotel guests don't notice any difference. This small "turbine", which can also be easily retrofitted, reduces hot water and therefore energy consumption by a third. For a business hotel with 100 rooms, this means annual savings of around EUR 12,000 (water, energy costs, waste water charges) and an amortization period of around 6 months," explains Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, Managing Partner of the Rabmer Group. The ECOTURBINO has been tested by TÜV Austria and has been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel and the Energy Globe Award Upper Austria.

The ECOTURBINO savings calculator is available on our website to enable you to calculate the corresponding savings potential in concrete and individual terms. The basis for calculating the savings calculator has been certified by TÜV Austria based on the Austrian Energy Efficiency Act.

Our example shows the calculation for a hotel in Vienna with 100 showers and an occupancy rate of 85%. With a one-off purchase cost of EUR 4,575, this results in potential annual savings of € 12,000 in operating costs and 2,100 m³ of water, 86,000 kWh = 310 GJ of energy and 28,000 kg of CO2! This does not yet take into account the possible proceeds from the sale of the measure to your energy supplier under the EEffG.

Calculate your individual savings potential now!