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ECOTURBINO water-saving system at Harry's Home Hotel Linz

In order to reduce water and energy costs at Harry's Home Hotel in Linz, the ECOTURBINO® water-saving system was installed in the showers in summer 2016. The basic requirement for Harry's Home was that there should be no loss of comfort for the customer, which was proven in on-site tests. The measure reduced water consumption in the showers by 36%, which led to an 11% reduction in total water consumption in the hotel and the associated costs for water and energy. This cost saving means that the investment in the ECOTURBINO® water-saving system pays for itself within 8 months!

The apartment design hotel Harry's Home in Linz, with its 81 studios (26m²-55m²) offers a cozy ambience to feel good. Directly on the green belt (Pleschingersee, Danube cycle path,..), great transport links to the highway, bus stop "33" in front of the house.

The ECOTURBINO® is an innovative Austrian invention that significantly reduces water and energy consumption when showering without any loss of comfort. This is achieved by creating strong turbulence in the water with the addition of air (Venturi principle), which also ensures that the shower hose and shower head remain free of deposits, limescale, biofilm formation and legionella. Find out more here!