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Company anniversary: Rabmer Group celebrates 60 years of innovation

The Rabmer Group from Altenberg near Linz is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Founded in 1963 in the construction sector, the company has grown steadily through the ongoing expansion of its portfolio, particularly in the field of environmental technology with a focus on water and wastewater technology as well as renewable energy. The former European pioneer in trenchless pipe rehabilitation and current Climate Alliance company, holder of the Austrian Federal Ecolabel, is also a pioneer in the field of energy from wastewater for renewable heating and cooling of buildings. With its innovative environmental technologies, the family-owned company has been setting national and international standards for more than three decades and has received several prestigious awards for its work. As a reliable partner and strong regional employer, the company is fit for the future.

The Rabmer Group was founded on June 21, 1963 by Josef and Maria Rabmer and is managed in the second generation by their daughter Ulrike Rabmer-Koller. The business administration graduate has held leading positions in the company since 1992: as commercial director, since 1996 as authorized signatory and co-partner, since 2002 as managing director and since 2011 as sole owner. The Rabmer Group has continuously developed into an internationally active company with a broad range of services in the fields of structural and civil engineering, timber construction, municipal technology and environmental technology.

The Rabmer Group's key success factors have always included its innovative strength and its qualified team of currently 110 employees. The company has always looked for new solutions to meet the changing needs of its customers and the environment. Innovation is in Ulrike Rabmer-Koller's blood, just as it was in her father's:

"My parents created a very good foundation on which I was able to build. Together with my team, I have continued to develop and expand the company. Innovation and new ideas have always been the driving force behind our success," explains Rabmer-Koller, Managing Partner of the Rabmer Group.

As a full-service provider in the construction sector and through the development and implementation of state-of-the-art environmental technologies and processes, the Rabmer Group has strengthened its position as a European pioneer in trenchless pipe rehabilitation and as a pioneer in the generation of energy from wastewater for the renewable heating and cooling of buildings. For its numerous pioneering and innovative projects - such as the renewable heating and cooling with energy from wastewater of the Vienna Canal Center and the Vio Plaza - the company has been continuously awarded coveted prizes such as the GBB and Trigos Award, the Hermes Climate Protection Prize or the Energy Globe Award.

Sustainability is in the company's DNA
Sustainability, climate and environmental protection are key elements of the corporate philosophy and strategy of this responsible family business. "They are literally part of our company DNA," describes Rabmer-Koller. The services and products in construction and environmental technology combine economic efficiency with environmental and climate protection and are constantly being expanded in order to take climate change into account together with partners and customers and to help them achieve their climate goals.

As a Climate Alliance company and holder of the Austrian Federal Ecolabel, Rabmer also attaches great importance to sustainability in its own company. The company heats with waste wood from construction and carpentry, a large part of the electricity it needs has been generated by photovoltaics for over seven years, around 15,000 square meters of unused company space has been converted into a bee meadow, the lighting has been completely converted to LED, and the company is currently switching to e-mobility.

"In the construction sector, we work almost exclusively with regional suppliers and rely on environmentally friendly materials. We also pay attention to efficient construction site management in terms of optimizing transport routes," says the Managing Director, rounding off the measures at the company premises in Altenberg.

Employees at the heart of success
The Rabmer Group's 60th anniversary also reflects the commitment and passion of the team.

"We owe our success first and foremost to our highly trained and competent employees. They are our most important asset," emphasizes Rabmer-Koller.

Teamwork and a family atmosphere are paramount. What makes the mother of two particularly proud: the many years of service and several generations of families in the company.

Apprentice training is also a high priority for the Upper Austrian company. Well over 100 young skilled workers have already been trained in the company. By training apprentices, Rabmer ensures its own supply of skilled workers and offers young people from the surrounding area a varied and secure job. Many managers have started with an apprenticeship in the company and have continued to develop with the support of the company. "A career with an apprenticeship" is not just a slogan at Rabmer, but is also practiced on a daily basis.

Fit for the future through innovation
The Rabmer Group intends to continue expanding its range of innovative environmental technologies in the future and, in addition to its regional focus on construction, to focus on innovation and sustainable solutions in order to meet the growing challenges of the 21st century. "Our 60th anniversary is a milestone that we are very proud of. At the same time, it allows us to look to the future with optimism," says Managing Director Ulrike Rabmer-Koller.

Family business: Ulrike Rabmer-Koller with her parents Josef and Maria Rabmer