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GBB Award: Rabmer wins sustainability prize

The Green & Blue Building Award brings sustainable projects and technologies in the real estate industry to the forefront. The Upper Austrian construction and environmental technology company Rabmer secured first place in the "Products/Services" category with its innovative solutions for energy from wastewater for the sustainable heating and cooling of buildings.  

(Vienna/Altenberg, January 27, 2021.) A green prize for green technology - instead of trophies or medals, small bonsai pepper trees will be presented at the GBB Awards. The plants are intended to symbolize responsibility in the real estate industry - even their pots are committed to sustainability. The jury chairman Marc Guido Höhne makes them himself. He is actively supported by the team from Ghezzo GmbH, who together with Drees & Sommer are responsible for the annual awards ceremony. The most recent event was held digitally on January 26, 2021 via an online conference due to coronavirus.

In the "Products / Services" category, the Rabmer Group was able to celebrate and add its name to the list of sustainability winners. The Upper Austrian company entered the race for the bonsais with "Energy from waste water". According to the GBB rules, ecological impact, innovative strength and life cycle relevance are the criteria for awarding the podium places. Rabmer's solutions for using wastewater energy to heat and cool buildings scored highly in all three areas.

Significant contribution to climate protection

Wastewater is also becoming increasingly well-known in this country as a renewable energy source. Rabmer is a pioneer in this field in Austria. Innovative heat exchanger systems are used to extract thermal energy from the wastewater, which is then used to heat and cool buildings using heat pumps.

"We are delighted to receive this award. 'Energy from wastewater' has enormous potential and, above all, makes a significant contribution to climate protection. Currently,CO2-critical energy sources are mainly used to cover heating and cooling requirements in buildings. With our solutions, up to 12 percent of all buildings in Austria could be heated and cooled in an environmentally friendly way," says Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, Managing Director of Rabmer.

In addition to sustainability, "energy from wastewater" also impresses with its rapid amortization. For the jury of the GBB Awards, the monetary benefits were admittedly less decisive than the climate-friendly aspects of the Rabmer technology. "We were particularly impressed by the high life cycle relevance of this technology. We believe that energy from wastewater should be evaluated in every major project. And we also want to provide the impetus for this," explained Marc Guido Höhne at the announcement of the award winners. The bonsai pepper tree will be given a place of honor at the company headquarters in Altenberg. It will be presented in February in strict compliance with the safety rules, provided the coronavirus situation allows.

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Bonsai pepper tree - 1st place at the GBB Award ©Milifotos